It is Time To Automate HR Support To Increase Employee Experience

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Amid this pandemic, a quiet revolution is happening at workplaces around the world. Now, it is not getting much attention because workforces were (and still are) battling a number of challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. Nonetheless, this hidden revolution is vital because it has broad as well as lasting implications. It is no news that employees’ primary communication channel has changed, and that changes everything. In the 1970s, the first email was sent and it has been the official business communication channel for generations now. It was in 2010 platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams gained popularity as internal communication tools; however, email has remained an official support channel for both human resources and IT assistance. Fortunately, things have tremendously changed over the years.

Today, businesses have HR software that is 100 times faster and efficient than email. Even many studies show that HR departments that get in front of the shift and incorporate automated HR systems as support applications can boost efficiency and streamline operations as they meet employee needs.

In this blog, we will tell you why companies should use HR software and automate their HR support for a better employee experience. Let’s dive in.

Fewer Problems, More Productivity

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We all know that COVID-19 forced every business in India to adapt to the WFH model overnight. Fortunately, various video-conferencing tools aided workforces to communicate with each other seamlessly from home. That said, requests for human resources or IT support usually require employees to send an email to them and wait for a response. Let’s face it, this interrupts the flow of the conversation that can have a negative impact on productivity, not just for employees asking for help but also the HR and IT personnel who are providing support. This is when HR software comes in handy. Top-notch HR management systems in India are compatible with help desk ticketing systems that make things easier for both employees as well as HRs. Helpdesk ticketing systems allow employees to share their problems in just a few clicks. HR managers, on the other hand, can solve every issue faced by employees in the shortest span possible.

Automate Tasks And Save Time

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No matter what phase of the employment lifecycle they are in, employees always have tons of questions to ask. Say, for example, a new employee usually has several doubts about HR policies and procedures including attendance and leave policies, how to activate direct deposit, where to go to download a salary slip and the list goes on. Now, these are vital queries but at the same time, they are routine questions. And, routine questions continue until the employee’s last day. Answering routine questions wastes a large chunk of time for HR executives that can be spent on other strategic work. This is where HR software can streamline the support process and give HR managers the gift of time.

For instance, HR management systems send automated messages to employees such as instructions to download payslips every month, important reminders, etc. Besides, such systems also allow employees to rate the response so that the software can learn from outcomes and become smarter over time.With such systems, HRs will have an option to automate this process, using the company’s knowledge base to answer routine questions that can free up time for them to focus on other productive areas.

Provide 24/7/365 Service

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It is a human tendency to expect prompt answers to our questions. And, employees expect the same from their human resources department as well. Keeping the same thing in mind, it is the duty of every organization to provide access to answers 24/7/365 that can improve employee satisfaction and experience to a greater extent.

HROne offers continuous service that, undoubtedly, helps HRs to smooth the way for a hybrid workforce in the post-pandemic world. Such systems allow companies to store HR Handbooks in software that can be accessed by every employee. These handbooks consist of all the policies and procedures that employees can refer to anytime through their profile tab.This is especially important for companies that have shift workers. Employees who work late at night need support too and the less time they have to wait for a response, the more satisfied they will be as employees.

Promote Convenience And Digital Transformation

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After reading the aforementioned three points, it is apparent that offering convenient access to information is even more crucial than the information itself. Needless to say, when it is difficult to access information, employees become hesitant to ask queries that in turn prevent them from getting the relevant answers. That’s why companies should consider HR software and provide an efficient way for employees to get help at the earliest.

Every business, be it small or large, understands the importance of employee engagement. Therefore, giving employees an easy way to resolve frequently asked questions is an easy decision to make. Such systems come with video-conferencing tools and chatbots that allow employees to get in touch with HRs anytime, anywhere. With the right HR management system, HR managers can also acquire another crucial advantage: an audit trail. By incoming issues and employee responses, HR managers can easily maintain compliance in the long run.

And finally, an automated HR system is a step toward digital transformation. The pandemic accelerated many businesses’ digital transformation roadmap because companies understand the importance of streamlining workflows so they can concentrate on tasks that are core to the organization’s aim and mission.So, these are the top four reasons why every business in India should implement HR software and automate human resources support. We hope this blog helped you to learn more about HR management systems and how such systems can take employee experience and engagement to another level.

Last but not least, human resources departments have a critical role to play in building a modern workplace, and automating support for employees is a step in the right direction.

What are you waiting for? Take a step ahead and embrace automation at the earliest possible.