5 Tips for Improving a Weak TV Signal


Out of all the things that you can do in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, watching TV is probably the one that most people find to be the best. We are stuck in our homes for as long as the quarantine lasts, and with all that free time on our hands, at least some part of the day is being spent watching an entertaining channel.

However, imagine how it is like to be finally free to watch all the content you want, and then suddenly you start experiencing the side-effects of a weak TV signal. It’s not pleasant even to hear about it, let alone to experience it in times like these.

Luckily, in today’s article we are going to give you our five tips for improving a weak signal, so if you’ve recently been experiencing something like this, or you just want to learn more out of curiosity, why don’t you stick around until the end? Let’s take a look.

1. Try restarting your device

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Usually, when a problem this frustrating appears, we always tend to overcomplicate things and start looking in places that are far away from what the real issue seems to be. This is very common in the world of computers, and the technology in general, and it often happens that you call the IT person while all panicked out, and all they end up doing is restarting the device, and suddenly it starts working again.

Well, your telly is a device as well, and sometimes it needs to be restarted. If this doesn’t end up solving the problem, you can always move on to the more complicated solutions, but it’s always worth trying something that could potentially save you a lot of time and stress.

2. Check your cables

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Another very common solution that you can do is to check your cables for any interruptions or damage. However, remember that unless you are very sure how electricity works, you shouldn’t touch anything on your own, especially not without using protection.

If you see that the rubber cover of the cable is worn out, and the wire is completely exposed, it’s better to contact a professional and let them take care of it, rather than attempting something on your own and risking your health.

The cables that transmit the signals to your TV are quite often misplaced, loose or just not connected correctly, which might be the cause of the interruptions that you have been experiencing. Or, if you live with a pet or you just have curious kids, maybe they somehow managed to unplug it. Either way, checking will save you a lot of time if this ends up being the issue.

3. Call your provider

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No matter if you are using cable or satellite TV, calling your provider is always a good idea because maybe the problem is not on your end at all, and it is them who need to do the fixing. To avoid wasting your time and stressing over things that are out of your control, call your provider and report the problem. You’ll have to explain everything that’s going on in-detail, because it might be their equipment, but the problem can be specifically for your case only.

If you cannot sort it over through the telephone, they will most likely send a professional crew to check the situation, so just report it and be patient. If you are from Manchester and looking for a reliable CCTV system that won’t have any interruptions, feel free to check this.

4. Run the troubleshooting setup

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Maybe things weren’t exactly like this a couple of years ago, but today we have more advanced technology and the devices that you are using are able to troubleshoot themselves and find the issue. Believe it or not, this has helped a lot of people, and although it just sounds like “the regular procedure” that your provider would recommend, you should still try it before contacting them.

Their TV box should have an option for troubleshooting or at least restarting somewhere in the settings, so make sure that you navigate there and find it. It can be very useful and can save you a lot of time.

5. Purchase a signal booster

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We know that money is very valuable these days, and you need them for almost everything, so we tried to keep our list full of free-of-charge solutions that can help you solve your weak-signal issue. Sometimes the problem will require a little something called a signal booster, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Last but not least, for our fifth solution we decided to put the signal booster as a possible fix to your problem, so let’s take a look at how it can help you and if you can possibly benefit from it.

If you live in a larger house, and you only have one antenna, but a lot of TV devices throughout the rooms, and all of the people in your home are watching at the same time, chances are that you’ll start experiencing interruptions. It’s exactly the same like what happens when you are sharing one internet connection in a hotel for example. The signal gets split and everyone gets just a part of it, instead of the full “deal”.

Thankfully, we have inventors and technology enthusiasts who developed something called a signal booster, and these things are available in almost every TV shop that you can find in your local area. If you end up finding one, you shouldn’t worry too much about the price because usually they are pretty affordable, but they get the job done nice and effective.


Watching TV uninterrupted is the dream of every person during this COVID-19 quarantine, so we can all imagine how difficult it is to experience a weak signal all the time, especially now with all the free time on your hands. Thankfully, we made a list with a bunch of helpful things that you can do if you are in a similar situation, so make sure to follow it and we hope that your problem will get solved in no time.