Top 5 Destiny 2 Armor Sets

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In Destiny 2 (playable on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5), we’re so often concerned with how much damage we’re dealing to enemies, that we often forget we need to keep ourselves up and running. This is is a mistake that needs to be rectified, as your armor is the foundation from which you can really cause some carnage.

The problem is finding the armor sets that best suit your style. Sometimes, you might want to absorb tons of damage, soaking up shells while grinding away at your opponent. In other situations, you might want an armor set that gives your damage output a serious buff, but these armor choices generally don’t offer you much protection – at least comparatively.

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Here, we’ll run through a few of the armor sets that deserve your attention, no matter the type of guardian you want to be. That doesn’t just mean the most effective or highest performing armor sets, but the armor that looks great too.

The Armor Stats That Matter


There is a range of different stats and attributes that are linked to the armor you’ll find in Destiny 2. You’ll need to think carefully about which of them you want to prioritize, and it’s likely to vary from one situation to the next. After all, an armor set might be ideal for PvE situations, but lacking for Trials.

The six armor stats that you need to pay attention to are as follows:

  • Recovery

This stat determines your health regeneration speed.

  • Resilience

Your resilience increases your defense against damage.

  • Mobility

As this stat improves, so does your movement speed and the height of your jumps.

  • Intellect

You’ll need to boost this stat to decrease the cooldown period of your Super ability.

  • Strength

This stat determines the cooldown period of your melee ability.

  • Discipline

Your discipline determines how quickly you’re able to use your grenade again.

Finding an armor set isn’t just about seeking out high stats. It’s about finding the right stats – the set that fits best with your playstyle.

1. Crystocrene Suit


This legendary armor set is available for all three classes and is obtainable through exploration on Europa.

Comprised of five different components – Crystocrene Helm, Crystocrene Plate, Crystocrene Gauntlets, Crystocrene Greaves, and Crystocrene Mark – this armor set boasts a boost to your discipline stat, but also offers additional recovery on top of that.

This suit looks right at home on a snowy landscape – and is certainly one of the cooler-looking armor sets available in Destiny 2.

2. Exodus Down Suit

If you’re looking for a stylish armor set for your Warlock, perhaps the Exodus Down armor set is right for you.

To get hold of the Exodus Down suit, you’re going to need to head to Nessus, and you’re going to need to be above level 20. This armor set takes us back to the Warlock appearance from Destiny 1 – doesn’t that seem a long time ago? – it’s just a classic style.

To fully assemble the Exodus Down suit, you’ll need the Exodus Down Robes, Exodus Down Hood, Exodus Down Gloves, Exodus Down Boots, and the Exodus Down Bond. Once you have everything in place, this armor suit offers restorative excellence, increasing the rate at which players heal.

Of course, you can also expect a boost to your resilience and your mobility on top of that – so there’s a lot to enjoy.

3. Gunsmith’s Devotion Suit


Another armor set ideal for the Warlocks among us, the Gunsmith’s Devotion suit is a beautiful set, but was only attainable through the now-vaulted Scourge of the Past raid.

As with the other armor sets, listed above, you’ll need five pieces for the full ensemble. That includes the Gunsmith’s Devotion Crown, Gunsmith’s Devotion Gloves, Gunsmith’s Devotion Robes, Gunsmith’s Devotion Boots, and Gunsmith’s Devotion Bond.

The main benefit of the Gunsmith’s Devotion set – besides the stunning aesthetic – is that you gain a fair amount of resilience.

4. Pathfinder Suit

Enter the Pathfinder suit, a set of legendary Awoken themed armor made available in Season of the Lost.

The Pathfinder suit has five pieces to the full set, including the Pathfinder’s Helmet, Pathfinder’s Grips, Pathfinder’s Tunic, Pathfinder’s Hood, and the Pathfinder’s Legguards.

Getting hold of the Pathfinder armor set means having to complete the Astral Alignment, or possibly getting lucky with an Armor of the Lost engram. Neither of these is a particularly desirable route to take.

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5. Wildwood Suit


The Wildwood suit is one of the most impressive-looking armor sets for the hunters among us who want to have a covert aesthetic.

With the Wildwood suit, you’ll need to attain the Wildwood Mask, Wildwood Grips, Wildwood Vest, Wildwood Strides, and Wildwood Cloak. This legendary set of armor is distributed by Devrim Kay, who you’ll find in the European Dead Zone on Earth.

With the Heavy Hunter armor perk, you receive a significant boost to your resilience, but there are also enhancements for mobility as well.

You’ll need to complete quests and bounties in the EDZ to level up your reputation enough to earn engrams and rewards. This is another example of a situation where you might want to invest in a Destiny 2 carry service to ease the workload.

Destiny 2: Time to Suit-up

While it’s true that the weapons you employ will have a considerable impact on your combat effectiveness – both in PvP and PvE – there’s also no getting away from the fact that armor is a big deal.

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