Top 3 Online Website Domain Authority Checker Tools for Free


Why a domain authority checker was developed?

Intimidating One possible reason seems to be that Google has over 200 ranking parameters they use in their algorithms. There are statistics for all internet marketers striving to develop a strong grasp on the ranking of their website.

The issue is that websites sure aren’t ranked evenly when it comes to reaching online ranking performance. The variations in rankings that appear between websites on the internet have resulted in the need for new rating system-Domain Authority and the need for methods that provide a Moz DA test.

Source: SEM et SEO

What is domain authority?

Established by Moz, an online monitoring corporation for social methodologies, Domain Authority is among the finest methods for assessing and improve your ranking in search engines. Domain Authority is a criterion frequently used to calculate whether your web reputation and/or legitimacy is relying on Google’s scoring algorithms.

Domain Authority is determined by a number between 1 and 100 (1 is its worst -100 is just the best) and also features a couple of SEO factors that score some internet sites best than the others.

A few of its most significant considerations include site age, number and types of backlinks, data quality, site design (compatible with all browsers, pleasant phone, etc.), buzz marketing (how much the web is posted on social sites).

It helps in checking other website’s domain authority

Professional digital marketers feel the necessity for search engine results pages to continuously analyze and increase the reputation of their website to grow supremacy and increase the results.

They also scan the domain authority of their competing companies using a DA checker which works to help them play their cards more efficiently. And, if you want to create strong backlinks you should have used a Bulk DA checker. How else can you recognize how to pick the most trustworthy and/or reliable ones to target? With these three below mentioned Domain Authority checkers, you can even check through websites and pages at once.

Three best domain authority checkers

1. MOZ link explorer


Open Site Explorer is now known as Moz Link Explorer. It is indeed a popular free website that MOZ builds. In particular, Link Explorer is one of the popular, excellent and free domain authority management tools with thousands of its users worldwide.

When you’re hunting for an efficient and robust SEO Tool, then Connection Explorer (Open Web Explorer) is one of those SEO Tools you must undoubtedly be using. It permits you conveniently test your website’s Domain Authority in no time.

With Link Explorer, you get an accurate understanding of the history of the source on your website. It provides inbound links to your website, sub-domain, or root domain data. Guest consumers only receive three reports every day.

If you wish to see limitless reports, however, then you really should sign up for a free Moz account. Entry to Moz account along with several other excellent analytics can offer you limitless files. A free trial of 30 days is accessible, though if you’re going to begin using Link Explorer, you’ll need to pay to use the Moz Pro account.

Basically, Link Explorer is an ultimate platform for checking the Domain Authority, Site Authority, Inbound references, and analytics for connections on your website.

2. Project Backlinks


Free Domain Authority Checker Tool

If you are searching for the perfect tool that will help you to instantly test a website’s domain authority, then Project backlinks Tools Domain Authority Checker seems like one of those tools you can effectively utilize. It serves as a free and efficient means of testing domain authority in up to 10 domains at a moment.

Clearly, this Domain Authority Checker does just as they say. It immediately outputs a chart showing the power of the search engines on your websites. It’s easy, and totally secure for every customer to access. The reports are simple to explain. It addresses features of both the Domain Authority and Page Authority. Therefore, this is a helpful tool to test the DA and PA.

3. Prepostseo


Another tactic for scoring domain authority is Prepostseo, a secure and fast tool that is very familiar among its users because it could search 500 URLs at one time even raw data. Therefore, one can manage the tests immediately.

The advanced reference profile reveals more thoroughly the domain analysis and points out about the domain authority, the domain name reference, MOZ ranking, and backlink. Users may also access and overcome competitor profiles in particular contexts, where these services and techniques restrict their supremacy.

Eventually, the service quality value analyzes the website content and proposes improvements to make the website more significant in terms of the organic movement.

Moreover, you can upload multiple URLs up to 500 limits to monitor both DA and PA concurrently. The method can solve all complex and challenging domain management problems at once. Moz Metrics is computed in this software, and the following results can be presented in real-time.

While your website has a lower domain authority then you can boost it by following tactics

  • Domain age is very valuable. But never expect the domain authority to make a significant difference in a relatively short period of time. It asks for time and patience.
  • Improve the SEO layout of your Site. Deliver the best quality content material, you may use article rewriter, design the web, develop Google-friendly meta tags, use breadcrumbs, use alt tags, use keywords on the site properly, and sell content properly.
  • Build the website with high quality and reliable backlinks. The best strategy you can follow is to have to had a lots of linkable content to improve your domain authority.
  • Get rid of weak or spammy backlinks, and instead concentrate on having an important website with quality backlinks.


In this article, we have listed the best three checker options for free domain authority. These platforms will see you through how you perform among your opponents, what current problems are pulling your platform, and how you can improve so that you can boost your ranking on the search engine results pages. Domain Authority is one such website metric that makes the Search Engines score high on your webpage. Through improving the overall SEO on your website, you will boost your DA.