Useful Tech Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better


There are three pillars of your health – exercise, diet and sleep. Most intellectuals will agree that sleep is more of a foundation on which the other two pillars stand, and it has become more and more true as we learn more about sleep.

Sleep is something we all need, and most of us probably need more of it. According to estimation, we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping but somehow it is still a mysterious process. Sleep is something that helps our body recover and restart anything from tissue repair to our hormone release, and it happens without us even noticing it.

People who suffer from sleep deprivation have some serious problems and they manifest as anxiety and crankiness when they haven’t slept more than 24 hours, very fatigued after 48 hours without sleep and paranoid after 72 hours without sleep. Sleep deprivation is a very big problem and according to researches 1 in 3 people don’t get enough sleep which leads them to a whole bunch of other problems.

To stay healthy and to have a good quality of life a person has to have at least 7 hours of good night and quality sleep. To achieve that many go for sleep gadgets that help them stay in deeper slumber for the period specified. These gadgets can be found everywhere online, like in, and they are the topic of today’s article. Let’s see what are the most useful sleep gadgets out there!

1. Modius SLEEP

Source: cloudfront

Advertised as a drug-free solution that is made to help you improve the quality of your sleep. It is based on a pioneer and non-invasive technology that stimulates the deep parts of the brain with a safe electrical pulse that helps you fall asleep a lot quicker and stay in deep sleep a lot longer. Unlike other headsets that monitor brain activity throughout the night and day Modius actively stimulates the key sleep neurons in the brain. It is intended to use some 30 minutes before sleep and extensive research behind this shows that when doing so you improve your sleep quality and you wake up refreshed and revitalized. Besides this, you will also feel a better general mood throughout the day which is as important as the rest.

2. Circular Smart Ring

Source: mentalfloss

It was a matter of time that someone will go with a smart ring option that should replace the smartwatch. This is something everyone can wear both night and day and that has a lot of customization possibilities and that is featherweight tied to a classic style that doesn’t pop up immediately. Circular is advertised as the most advanced wellness smart ring and the idea behind it is to create a device that would extend personal capabilities from waking up, exercising, working and most importantly for us – breaking down your sleep at night. The main focus of the company behind Circular is to make sense of all this data and utilize it in the best way possible to improve the quality of life. They have advanced sleeping analyses with advanced components like HRV, energy level scoring and advanced tiredness calculation – all needed for the most precise and various information you need.

3. Respio Sleep Coach

Source: thegadgetflow

Over time we all accumulate something called sleep debt. This is the amount of sleep we are lacking over a certain period. This can be stressful both to our body and mind. There is a solution though and it’s called Respio Sleep monitor that is a sleeping coach device that will help you understand why you are not getting a good night quality sleep with the answers to how you can fix that. It will automatically track your sleep and give you a full picture of your night and give you all the info you need to better your sleep. It will also collect data from your surrounding like humidity, ambient light and ambient temperature that may affect your sleep. It is both easy to use and set up.

4. Banala Lite

Source: thegadgetflow

Banala Lite is a device that will help you fall asleep quickly and deeply with just one button push. The task of this gadget is to, after you push its button, activate something called a smart sleep cycle inducing system. At its core, this device is just a speaker that has isochronic sound technology integrated and it is alone responsible for putting you to the best sleep ever. It will follow your sleep from the beginning to the end ensuring you get all the sleep you need for the entirety of the night. It is supposed to induce your body and mind to sync perfectly with your very own natural sleep cycle. Isochronic theta wave puts you to sleep very fast while the delta wave makes you experience the deep sleep you need to achieve the best results.

5. Gladle White Noise Machine

Source: hip2save

White noises are something that is advertised for babies as the sound womb projects and as the most soothing sound, you can have during your sleep. This little portable gadget is releasing those specific sounds and it is going to make your nights very peaceful. It includes 24 different sounds and you can choose between different white-nose sounds, fan sounds and relaxing natural rhythms. It also has a night light mode which is very helpful for children.

6. Dodow Sleep Aid

Source: thegrommet

This device is supposed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep with a neat scientific solution. It is supposed to quickly soothe your brain activity, slow your breathing and relax your body, meaning that you will after a long day of stress finally experience a sound sleep at night. It has a blue light that it will project on the ceiling at with it will reduce your brain activity while its other functions will help you fall asleep, as stated 2.5 times quicker than before.

7. Kokoon NightBuds

Source: sleepgadgets

If you want to experience a comfortable sleep like never before you should give this gadget a try. These buds will help you relax and sleep using audio based on clinically proven techniques. The creators of these buds are sleep scientists that know what they are doing. This is why they integrated the PPG sensor or photoproteismogram sensor which measures volumetric changes and heath rate meaning you will always be informed about your health conditions. With the awesome comfortability and helpful passive noise cancellation, you will get the best of both worlds of amazing sleep with blocked interruptions like snoring.