The Importance of Cps for Esports Professionals


The development of the video game industry has reached the level of the American film industry and has become the foundation for the development of the Esport industry. With a modern technological infrastructure and more stable and faster internet capacities, a new virtual ecosystem of the Esport scene is being created. In the period up to the last decade, video games were often put in context with other toys for children, and the audience was not willing to engage in them publicly and actively. With the development of mobile devices, the rise of general global IT literacy, and the development of social networks, social habits and behaviors have changed significantly. New generations of so-called millennials have changed many traditional patterns of behavior and are much more open to online communication and video games.

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The concept of sports

It is very clear when defining esport that the name and term come from the already existing one the concept of traditional sport. We define sport as a game that requires a certain amount of understanding the rules requires physical activity, all for fun. Today the sport exists in two dimensions. One is of a completely recreational nature while the other is of a professional dimension which implies that a person lives on the income he receives from playing a certain sport.

Unlike this distinction in sport, esport emerges as a concept that defines exclusively competitive and even more professionally playing video games. Export is based on activity players on a particular interface and the basic item is to take place with the help of electronic technologies. The very name of sports is actually an abbreviation for “electronic sports”. Since esport does not contain elements of physical training and activities it still exists the problem of defining competitive video gameplay as a sport in any form. In principle, sport is of a similar concept as classic sport, but it does not contain elements of physical activity and training.

However, for all those who like this type of recreation, one training is important – concentration. To make sure we do our best, we have to focus on the game, right?
Another equally important thing that affects the quality and outcome of the game is the click speed. We know that today you can play games on consoles and smartphones, but nothing can replace the good old feeling when you sit in front of a computer and enjoy playing with your gaming equipment.

Gamers put a lot of money into the equipment because it directly affects the quality of the game.A large monitor with good resolution, RAM, and a fast processor are just some of the key factors. But no less important is the keyboard and mouse. The mouse for gamers is ergonomically specially designed and one of its main features is a much higher or faster number of clicks than is the case with the classic mouse. Of course, you can further adjust the click speed on your computer as you see fit. In any case, if you want to check the speed of CPS (click per second), you can always do so by visiting this site.

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Click speed significantly affects the quality and outcome of the game, because the mouse is often used in almost all games. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some gamers do arm and finger exercises, and have a special pose that they take while playing the game so that the hands are in a comfortable position that will not cause braking and twitching of the fingers.
If you are a gamer or if you spend several hours a day using an inappropriately shaped mouse, you will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. You need to be able to operate a good mouse easily, it must be comfortable to use and you need to perform your tasks quickly and efficiently. Consider handling, texture, weight, and shape.

So, we can conclude that the speed of your reaction, but also the speed of clicks significantly affect the quality of the game. It doesn’t sound so bad to work on click speed. How? There are three options for testing this ability. The first option is to check the speed by clicking the mouse, the second is to check how fast you can move the mouse and click, and the third is to check the speed of dragging the mouse. Check how fast you are and enjoy the game.

Choosing the right mouse can be complicated, especially if you are still fresh in gaming. The gaming mouse is recognizable for its attractive design, and many say that it looks aggressive precisely because of the design and sharp edges. More important than its appearance is that it is a serious piece of hardware that offers more serious performance when it comes to sensitivity, response, tracking speed, and similar parameters. Here you have the option to choose between optical and laser mouse, wired and wireless, and the most common choice for passionate gamers is a mouse with Bluetooth technology.

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Final thoughts

The esport industry is in a short 20 years development has reached revenues that already number in the billions and infrastructure has been formed organization and teams, but also an audience that actively and regularly follows the content created within the same. Sponsorships and traditional sports teams are becoming more involved with regard to the amount of viewership that the esport industry attracts. There are many more in the future unknowns such as quality monetization of the existing audience, space for expansion, the survival of esport titles that are currently the most popular, but nonetheless esport the industry is growing year by year and is expected to do so in the next decade become an equal competitor to the traditional entertainment industries completely.

Professional esport players represent the highest level of competitive play computer games. They are essential for understanding electronic sports because of their specific way of playing which is the result of their physical and mental skills, knowledge about the game, and long and painstaking training of the mentioned skills and knowledge. They represent an extremely instrumentalized way of playing, where players themselves and their own skills, but also the game itself, push to maximum possibilities. Players will dynamically set new and increasingly difficult game scenarios, which will be constantly practiced. Exercise and exploring the possibilities of games and new optimal solutions are fundamental characteristics professional esport players.