7 Ways 360° Product Photography Can Benefit Your Business Marketing


If you’re a business owner or a marketer, you’re probably constantly thinking about the different things you could try and do in order to improve your marketing strategy. So, you might have tried SEO and you probably improved the functionality of your website, but, what about the content you post? Did you consider using 360° product photography?

However, if you never thought about implementing this type of content into your marketing strategy, you might be wondering – what is 360° product photography and how can my business marketing benefit from it? Luckily, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic, so, let’s take a look at the benefits you could gain:

360° Product Photography: Explained

Before we can take a look at the benefits you can reap, we’ll first explain what this content is. As the name implies, a 360° picture is a rotating picture. It could revolve by itself, however, the customer could also use their cursor or touch screen to rotate the image. This is something that’ll allow them to see the product from all of its sides.

Now, you should know, it’s not a video, instead, these photographs are generated by a lot of HQ static photographs taken from different angles and positions. Since they’re in high resolution, customers could use them for looking at all the features a particular object has.

Source: Product 360

So, What Are The Benefits?

1. You’ll Boost Your Sales!

Did you know that a 360° product image compels more than 50% of individuals to check out than a regular image would? This fact is the same for every industry out there. After all, the customer will be capable of seeing the item from all angles, which means that they will feel more confident to purchase a product. Besides allowing them to see all the features, they could also imagine when and how a particular product can be used, hence, if your objective is to improve the sales you make, you should try creating this content.

2. There Will Be Less Returns

Since your patrons will be able to see every feature of a particular product, they’ll be able to decide whether or not the item is suitable for them. Now, you might think – isn’t it better if everyone purchases my products? Well, yes, it is better, but if everyone purchases it without thinking about whether or not it’s suitable, they might decide to return the product to your company.

When a patron returns a product, it’s quite possible that it’ll be damaged or unsuitable for further use, which means that you’ll actually be losing money. So, if you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, implement 360° product pictures that’ll help customers make better purchasing decisions.

Source: Motion Race Studio

3. It’s Actually Less Expensive

How is it possible that it’s cheaper than traditional photographs? Well, it simply is, and there are a few reasons why this is true. First of all, traditional pictures usually include different props, scenes, and models, all of which are used for making the goods more appealing to people. Second, there are various platforms such as this website that’ll allow you to easily create this content. And, since 360° can perfectly represent a product, you won’t need any additional props for making it work, all of which makes it less expensive.

4. It’ll Feel Like The Product is in Front of Your Customers

We live in a technologically-driven era, which is why our world is constantly changing. We now have the ability to take mini-computers – smartphones – with s, which is why we have access to different information at all times. This means that by generating this type of content, your customers will feel like the goods are right in front of them, hence, they’ll be capable of envisioning how and for what they’ll use it for.

Source: PixelPhant

5. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Long Descriptions

If you’re like me, you probably hate reading the long descriptions when shopping online, instead, you simply want to learn the basic and essential info that you need for making a purchasing decision. And, no matter how much you try to make your descriptions appealing, your patrons will probably skip the entire thing.

But, if you use 360° product images, your customers will be able to see all the information they need, without even looking at the description. Additionally, they’ll probably be capable of zooming in and out, hence, the interactivity of the pictures can help them learn information about the goods quickly.

6. It’s Easy to Move, Manipulate, And Zoom Them

By now, this is quite obvious, however, it’s still worth mentioning, especially since there might be people that just learned about this content. If you choose to implement 360° into your marketing strategy, you’ll allow your customers to move, manipulate, zoom in and out, as well as inspect the item you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling diamond rings, your patrons could zoom in and see how the diamonds look like or if you’re offering different prints, individuals would be able to zoom in a see the fine details of the piece of art, all of which is quite important and it could make individuals purchase what you’re offering.

Source: Instructables

7. You’ll Actually Get Still Photographs as Well

Last on our list, but definitely worth mentioning, is the fact that you’ll actually get still photographs as well. What does this mean? Well, besides getting one that’s rotating, you’ll also get still pictures, meaning that you’ll be able to post them on your website as well, however, you won’t need to pay extra for them. This is also one of the reasons why the entire process is cheaper than traditional photography.


If you’re a marketer, one of the things that you should definitely think about implementing in your advertising campaign is 360° product photographs. Not only will they be interesting and fun, but people will be able to learn more about the features of the goods you’re selling, which means that they’ll be able to determine whether or not the item is actually suitable for them.

So, now that you’re aware of all the reasons why you might want to make some changes to your marketing strategy, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up your browser and start searching for an organization that’ll provide you with the tools you need for creating this content.