Detailed Insight into Cisco Certbolt 200-301 Exam. Why Prepare with Practice Tests?


Information technology (IT) is a new discipline created as a consequence of the practical requirements of the company, organizations, commercial banks, etc. Information technology involves the use of computers for storing, analyzing, retrieving, transmitting, and manipulating data or information, often in context business of various organizations and companies. Information technology can be defined as a set tools, processes, methodologies and equipment required for data collection, processing and presentation and The term “information technology” is often used in a much broader sense and means everything activities that IT professionals deal with, from the installation of application programs to design complex computer networks and information systems.

The ability to use information technology includes:

– good knowledge of all tools used in computing,

– possession of the necessary skills for efficient use of these tools,

– recognizing situations in which information technologies can be used to solve some problem.

IT has never failed to maintain its demand all across the world. Similarly, Cisco has never failed to be the most reputed vendor for network certifications. One of the unique factors of such popularity and recognition of the credentials offered by Cisco certbolt is their frequent modification.

Owing to that, as per February 2024, the updated accreditation program was introduced. Now, the new Cisco certbolt 200-301 exam is considered as equivalent to several old tests that led to the associate-level credentials. Its blueprint involves all the modern concepts and allows every aspiring candidate to start their path in IT. In this article, let’s learn more about 200-301, its importance, benefits, and useful preparation materials.

Overview of the New Exam and Certification

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Unlike the previous versions that were focused on the particular areas of networking, Cisco 200-301 assesses a broad set of fundamental skills required to start a career in this field. Now, this is the only test you need to ace to become CCNA certbolt accredited. It has no strict prerequisites and serves as a launchpad for further development helping you to know more about various networking paths so you can make a balanced decision when choosing your specialization. For more information check

What is CCNA certification?

Today, there are much easier ways to coexist with a certificate than spending a few years in college. Of course, this does not mean that you can get it for everyone, but for people who are already in IT, who have the knowledge that is only needed to “determine” and certify with a certificate.

Advantages of having CCNA certificates

This certificate opens up opportunities for better employment. When interviewing for a job, employers assess future employees based on previous experience and acquired knowledge, which is characterized by diplomas and certificates. The certificate is a confirmation that you truly know a certain technology, and it also offers you progress in your further career. An old saying goes that human development lasts for the rest of life and it is a thought we should be guided by in order to provide better living conditions. In addition to personal satisfaction, education brings us the opportunity to earn more.

Importance of the New CCNA Certification

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CCNA targets network administrators who are yet in the initial stages of experience and the ones who are reaching out for a networking-related career. It creates a platform to uplift their professional skills. Yes, the exam will be quite challenging but the benefits you receive will be totally worth it. Some of them are the following:

  • Cisco is one of the most reputed IT certification providers, so with CCNA, you will always stand the best chance to get recruited by any networking company
  • As it comes from the previous point, you’ll also gain international recognition with an ability to work worldwide and be sure your competence will be accepted
  • Recertification policy will help you update your skills and knowledge-base and thus stay on par with the latest trends in the field

Test Preparation Tips

Once you are fully aware of the features of the new CCNA Certbolt exam, you might get doubts about how to prepare for it the right way. So, here are a few tips for you:

  • Focus on the exam objectives

First of all, download the test blueprint and familiarize yourself with the concepts you have to cover. These include routing protocols, WAN, QoS, device management, VLANs, and EtherChannel, among the rest. Generally, the content is distributed into the next domains: networking fundamentals – 20%, accessing networks – 20%, IP connectivity – 25%, IP services – 10%, basics of security – 15%, automation, and programmability – 10%

  • Follow the official resources for the preparation, such as:

Books, video training, and software available at the Cisco Press

Training course ‘Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions’

CCNA Guided study group (12 weeks)

  • Try out practice tests to keep track of your progress

Once completed the courses and learned the topics, check your knowledge through practice tests. These files include the actual 200-301 questions and answers, so you’ll see which tasks you are going to face, how the exam is built, and what are concepts you still have to study more.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is one of the most popular IT certifications designed for network engineers who want to gain knowledge in the field of computer networks. This world-renowned certification program will allow you to gain the practical skills needed to install and maintain network infrastructure and configure network devices.

Quality Cisco professionals, specialized in network technologies, are equally in demand in both the domestic and global labor markets. Thanks to numerous innovations, Cisco Systems has become the number one company in the field of network infrastructure. It is a company that covers more than 80% of the world market with its solutions, so there is a need for highly qualified system engineers, who will be able to successfully implement and operate this complex equipment.

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Jobs that require CCNA certification

Many companies are looking for CCNA-certified employees. However, since many people own it today, it is up to you to constantly work on yourself and follow IT trends.


CCDE identifies experts who design infrastructure solutions for large business environments, which include the technological, operational, business, and budgetary aspects of the project.
Now, you have information on why you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to get Cisco credentials. Also, you know more about the CCNA Certbolt badge and preparation tips for its 200-301 exam. Start your training today, use practice tests as a bridge to fill the gaps before the finals, and this will ensure gaining the passing score. Make some steps to enjoy your achievements in the future!