8 Best Real Estate Apps in 2024


Probably one of the most serious decisions in life is which house to buy. Except that is the most important decision, it’s also the most expensive purchase. Before you decide such a thing, you should think carefully about it, as you have to get the best deal. To help you to bring the right decision, you can use real estate apps.

There are a lot of available apps that can help you with this matter, but before you download just any app, you should consider many things. Some of the applications have a larger house listing, and some can even bring you discounted fees.

We researched the apps and took a lot of things into consideration. Take a stare at our list of the best 8 real estate apps that you can find in 2024.

1. Zillow

Source: PYMNTS.com

Zillow is our top-notch choice as it represents one of the best apps for many reasons. With a lot of filters and searches, the app is easy to use. The impressive thing about the app is that it offers home values, past sale values, and more information for every house in the United States of America. Even if you already have a house, you can download Zillow and follow the value of the home. However, if you want to buy a home, then you should download the app.

2. Bigger Pockets

Source: rewardexpert.com

Bigger Pockets is the best option if you want to learn about real estate. Thanks to the various ebooks, podcasts, forums, and guides, you will have a lot of available information. The app will provide some fantastic knowledge in this area. You can learn how to buy a home and increase the value or to even start a real estate business. Except that it’s available as an app, you can also find their website where you learn more information.

3. Trulia

Source: Inman

In the beginning, Trulia was independent, but over time, they joined Zillow. That means that this app has a lot of information available. When we compare it with Zillow, we have to mention that Trulia is a better option if you are in the active search for the house. The great thing is that you can research some special features and get homes that include the idea that you want. The main goal of Trulia is to find a new home for the user.

4. Xome

Source: YouTube

If you want an app that will allow you to participate in auctions, then this will be your best choice. You will also have available home searches, but the best part of the app is the possibility to access the auctions. That is an impressive feature, as you can get the home for the lower price before it goes on the market. If you are excited about real estate investment, then you can choose the Xome.

5. HomeSnap

Source: TechCrunch

The fantastic thing about this app is that you can share the information through messaging with your friends or family, which can help you to bring the right decision. Also, HomeSnap gives you access to the updated listings, thanks to the MLS updates. Sometimes the real-time listing can be essential to make the best offer. The app is an excellent choice for individuals and real estate agents, also.

6. Realtor.com

Source: YouTube

The app can help you to connect with real estate agents, but you should be careful, and you should find the best one. The app is part of the National Association of Realtors. That means that you will get the updates faster than with some other apps.

7. LoopNet

Source: LoopNet

LoopNet is the best solution for real estate investors. The app is suitable if you want to find commercial or bigger unities, as you can not find it in other apps. So, if you want to become a real estate investor, then LoopNet should be your choice.

8. RedFin

Source: CNW Group

The fantastic thing about the app is that you can get insights about the upcoming open houses. After the Zillow, this may be the best option for offering estimated values. We have to mention that the RedFin is an excellent app because you will have lower buying fees.

Now when you saw the best real estate apps, you can choose one that suits your needs. We hope that our text helped you to bring the decision easier.