Top Advantages of Having Used Vehicles

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There are approximately 5.88 million Japanese Used Vehicles are sold each year. Japan has been the biggest importer of used cars since 1980. It hit different parts of the world like Kenya, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, etc.

Brand new vehicles are expensive and are not affordable. Used cars are also making a profitable market for the world because of their good condition and low cost. On average of 3 out of 4 respondents (on a survey) said that they will buy a used vehicle instead of a new one as their first vehicle.

Here are some advantages of having Japanese Used vehicles:



A brand new car loses 40% of its value as soon as you drive it off the garage. It depreciates more as weeks, months, and years pass. Your $20,000 value car will become $17,800. With a used vehicle, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation as its previous owner took care of it. So Japanese Used Vehicles are better options than the new ones.


Used cars are cheaper than the new ones. They are almost 50% lesser in price. It can also help a buyer to switch to a new model later. There are thousands of cars, trucks, and SUVs available at low rates in the used car market.



As car insurance depends upon your place and region, insurance rates for Japanese Used Vehicles are less than the new ones. Previous purchase history will save you from high insurance premiums. As the depreciation is already occurred by the previous owner, gap insurance is not necessary.

Extended Warranties

Many buyers who lease their car turn their car back in 2 years and still have 3 years left from their five-year warranty. Many of the cars are under their original warranty. Extended warranties are something to take advantage of.

An extended warranty on Japanese Used Vehicles will provide you with trained technicians to repair your cars with speedy service and quality parts. Most dealers offer a wide range of warranty options for their used vehicles.

Environment Friendly


A new study by Toyota finds out that 28% of carbon dioxide emissions occur during the manufacturing and transportation of cars. So buying Japanese Used Vehicles will lessen the carbon dioxide combustion than the Hybrid Vehicles.

Fossil fuel’s assumption quality depends on the efficiency of your car. As older models have better fuel efficiency than new ones.

Car’s History

You can easily find your car’s history online. They are thoroughly inspected. You are not alone in buying cars there are thousands of people that buy cars from the same market as you. So, you can check the previous owner, mileage validation, Lemon law history, through CARFAX and Autocheck.

Online Support and Reviews


You can check the reviews of the people on the Japanese Used Vehicles you want to buy in their comments, used cars forums, Facebook, and Youtube review videos. You can find a ton of hands-on information from the actual buyers on the Internet. It will help you to focus on the main issues regarding the car.