Are Losing Streaks Normal With the Slots Random Number Generator?

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There are times when playing online slot games seems to be a viable way of earning a living. The wins are coming in non-stop, the bonuses are boosting your play dramatically, and you are on a high that you have never felt before!

Unfortunately, sometimes there comes a time when the losing streak takes over and all you can see is negative numbers popping up. It is not fun, but if it were not for the losing streaks then would the wins seem so impressive and exciting?

We all know that slot games are random, this is because of their random number generator (RNG) which switches up the game so that each time players spin the reels, they get a unique and random reel line-up – play free slots and win real money.

But is it because of the random number generator that losing streaks come normal?

What is a Random Number Generator and how does it work?


Just like in most betting games, the outcome is determined by randomness and overall luck. We get that sports betting allows for skill, tactic, and knowledge around the sports to give you an upper hand when betting, but most casino games, including slots, are decided through randomness.

A random number generator in a slot game works to adhere to these key features that ensure that your game is fair and not rigged:

  • Just like in card games, the draw is random. So, slot games utilise a random number generator to act as though the reels that spin are like shuffled cards.
  • The aim is to make sure that no pattern is repeated and that over a long period of time there is an even distribution of possible results.
  • This means that, sometimes, the randomness of your slot games generator is causing you to win constantly, and that other times losing streaks become the normal.

If you seem to be experiencing an amount of losing streaks that make it seem as though it is becoming the normal for that slot game, then you have only the unpredictability of the random number generator to blame.


Is there any way to stop Losing Streaks when Playing with a Random Number Generator?

When you are having a significant losing streak, it can begin to seem as though the random number generator is against you and that the game itself has been rigged against you.

We do not want you down and out simply because of a trivial slot game so we have created a short step-by-step instructions guide on what you can do to increase your chances on slot games and hope that the random number generator pleases you!

  1. Look for games with high RTP because they will, on average, pay you back the most cash you put in (no less than 97% is the best!)
  2. If you are on a losing streak then try not to blame your random number generator. Take a break and come back later.
  3. Budget yourself on time and money so that losing streaks do not leave you bankrupt!