5 Keys to Be a Successful Freelance Developer


Freelancing is great! You are your boss: you can work from anywhere you want and at any time. In case you need more money, you simply work more. Now freelancing is all good, unless you stumble upon some of its difficulties. At times, it can leave you frustrated, anxious, pr even hateful towards your work.

To avoid coming across such cases, we have pulled out five tips to help you become a successful freelance developer and love your job.

How to become a successful freelance web developer: 5 tips and tricks

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1) Networking

One of the vital skills any freelancer should have is networking skill. If you are wondering what skills do I need to start freelance web development, networking is the answer. Any freelancer, no matter which field he works in, should know how to build a network.

Now, why is this so important? Well, because when you know how to enlarge your network, you gain more clients. One of the hardest tasks for freelancers is to find good clients, especially in the beginning. Go to events where potential employees might gather. Follow your favorite agencies and companies on social media.

Finally, tell all your friends and acquaintances that you are freelancing. You might not notice it at first, but through the word of mouth, you will get different clients from all over the place.

Another way you can build your network is by sending direct emails to the company owners or agencies. At first, you might be shy about it. However, remember that almost nothing can go wrong. The worst-case scenario is that they would not answer your email. So you will only gain if you integrate direct messaging into your networking methods.

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2) Time Management Skills

How to be a successful freelance web developer? Forget about programming languages. Yes, you should know them. But there is a more crucial skill: time management.

Look, in freelancing, more than anywhere else, time is money. If you work with an hourly rate, time is money. So having time management, will help you to earn more! Now one of the most difficult parts of freelancing is to create a stable schedule for yourself.

Most freelancers skip this part and end up procrastinating for days. Procrastination not only kills your motivation for work but also cuts off your budget. So if you truly want to master freelancing, you should have time management skills.

There are different techniques out there you can try to manage your time easier. For instance, common advice is to cut a big junk of work into minor tasks. This way, you don’t think that you have, let’s say, a four-hour job to do.

Instead, you focus on a 20 minutes long task. It is also good to take a break after you achieve the small milestones. It will feel like a reward, and you will want to start the next task sooner.

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3) Marketing

Many people think that for becoming a freelance web developer, you only need to learn to program. That is not correct. Being a freelancer is like having your small business, where you are the CEO. So, you need to be able to market yourself and your services.

Marketing skills are indispensable for all freelancers. You need to know how to promote yourself on social media or other platforms. A good piece of advice is to start your blog and write about aspects connected to your profession.

It will help you to SEO -optimize your website and push it higher in the SERPs. So, you will get more chances to find a client through your website and bring them to your freelancing platform.

However, when doing marketing, don’t try to be too general. Find your niche and focus on that. For instance, if you know for sure that you want to work on educational projects, then target schools and universities.

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4) Communicating

Clear communicating is vital for all freelancers. You need to be able to understand your client’s needs and expectations to successfully fulfill them. Even if your client does not ask it, try to convince him to have a quick video call and discuss the project.

You can ask them for a plan or provide it yourself. This way both your client and you will have specific milestones and deadlines. It will help to reduce misunderstandings and know at which stage of the project you are.

So if you are wondering how to be a successful freelance web developer, start working on your communication skills. Also, keep communicating with your clients via emails and other channels. It will simplify the process.

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5) Curiosity

Finally, our last must-have skill for the freelance developer is curiosity. The key to success for any freelancing is to have a passion for learning and stay curious. Always stay open to learning opportunities and engage in as many masterclasses as possible.

When you work for a company, it is usually their responsibility to engage you in training and improve your skills. However, if you choose to freelance, you need to do it yourself. Sometimes, it is easy to forget about it as you get along with your projects.

But always remember that freelancing is very competitive. It means that if you don’t work on your professional growth, someone else will. And that someone else will end up stealing your client!

So always staying curious and constantly learning new skills is a must in freelancing.

In short, use these five tips on your way to becoming a freelance web developer, and you will make it to the top. However, if you don’t think development is suitable for you, you don’t have to start freelancing. Instead, you can hire a freelance web developer for your idea and focus on the business yourself.

So if you have a great website or mobile app idea, it does not mean you should design it yourself. Hiring a freelance web developer on this site can be the solution.