What Are Browser Games


Nowadays the Internet and virtual reality have become an integral part of our lives, because this is the leisure preferred by modern man. MMORPG games in this case occupy a very weighty niche. Because people want to escape from the monotony of everyday life and find themselves in a world of adventure and vivid events, which are formed in real time. That is what most online games provide them.

Browser games function through a window of the web page on the network. Their popularity is due to the fact that the user does not need to bother downloading or installing software. It is enough to go to one of the game services, select the application and click on the “start” button, that is exactly what is needed for friv games. This accessibility and simplicity has made the range of target audience very wide. Don’t you think so now? Because I do!

MMORPG browser games can boast excellent acoustics and graphics. Image is different and so realistic, and a person is completely removed into the virtual world, forgetting about everyday problems and other concerns. Equally important is the fact that you can play browser-based applications on almost any technology, because they do not require the parameters of the operating system. The range of such entertainment is more than extensive, so everyone will find a game that best meets the stated need. Such games open up a new world where everyone can find a place and realize their dreams.

MMORPG browser games are great because they are very diverse. Each such game, you get into a unique and unexplored world. How to choose a game to your liking? Some people may like puzzles, play quests, and solve difficult problems. Someone enjoys the choice of tactics, and someone likes to play role-playing games and simulations.

The variety of online games are so great that they can consist of several elements at once. The player has the opportunity to take quests, destroy armies of enemies, build cities. In general, the player should choose the world that he likes the most. For example, if you prefer a strategy, then read the description of the game and proceed to the conquest of cities or worlds. Most importantly, you should not be afraid to try to play all of them, because you can play for free. That’s why people prefer playing friv games at Frivez. Me either.

What is the difference between browser games and client games?

All games are united by an interesting storyline. But they have some differences, their own advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering the features of each type of games separately.

Browser games.

To play these games, you will need a browser. This may be Google, Yandex or Mozilla. You will also need an internet connection. If you have limitations on memory usage on your hard drive or you play on a limited internet connection, browser games are perfect for you. Most of them are free and have simple controls. So they can understand even a beginner.

Even if you do not have a modern computer, an older PC perfectly pulls these games. True, you may notice a decrease in graphics quality. The choice of browser games is huge. If at first they included only text, today the progress has stepped far ahead. Today they have great images.


From the browser they are characterized by the fact that they need an addition in the form of special programs – the client. It will need to be installed on your computer. Basically, such a program can be downloaded from the Internet.

If we compare the browser games and client, you can distinguish the following differences:

  1. Browser games do not require installation of programs. In browser games, you can play through the browser. So you can enjoy the game anywhere. Some games do not require registration.
  2. Client based games require you to keep track of your characters all the time. So they are suitable for people who are willing to play around the clock. If you don’t have enough time, choose a browser game.
  3. The downside of some browser games is danat. Despite the fact that many of the games are positioned as free, they are aimed at bringing income to the developers. For example, at the beginning of the game the player may not notice it, but the more he gets drawn into the game, the more you have to pay. For example, for a small fee, such a game may offer the acquisition of additional weapons, the ability to perform more actions and so on. The temptation is too great, so many players decide to pay.

Reasons for the popularity of browser games

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Recently, this version of the game is very popular among people who use unlimited internet. Even with his help you can immerse yourself in a virtual world, even if you do not have a powerful computer or stable Internet connection. A peculiarity of browser games is that they work well even on low-powered machines.

As mentioned, browser games do not need to download. Moreover, all past levels and character improvements will be saved in your account, even if your computer causes unforeseen trouble: power surges, and so on.

Another feature of these games is the ability to enjoy the process whenever you want. Staying in the workplace on break, you can easily get into the game and spend your free time.

An important fact is that all browser games are free, so you do not need real money to enjoy the game. Of course, there are interesting suggestions for pumping. As a rule, they are already paid.

A tangible advantage of some games is the development of logic and reasoning. Moreover, there are many educational projects on attention, which will help your child gain new knowledge.

More browser games allow you to communicate with fellow players, as well as to combine joint efforts to achieve their goals.

Offered today, online projects are very diverse. Therefore, any player is easily confused in their choice. There are different Action, Fantasy, Simulation and other types of games. To choose the right option, you should read the description and reviews of players.

Have fun and spend your free time playing browser games.