Should you Learn Flutter in 2024?


There are numerous IT related things to learn and such skills can greatly help you in your career. Whether working with them is your main career path or just a side hustle and a hobby, knowing more of them cannot hurt. However, there are some programing languages and app building kits out there that do not really make sense to learn in 2024. They are either outdated or there are better options available that will make things easier and more useful.

With all of that being said, we are here today to talk about Flutter, one of those exact things that you should know or perhaps do not really have to. If you are wondering whether or not you should learn Flutter in 2024, you came to the right place. What is more, if you wish to find out additional information about it, make sure to check out OS-System.

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What is it Anyway?

Before we decide whether or not learning this new skill makes any business or educational sense in the year 2024, we have to talk about what it even is or represents. Flutter is one of the open-source app development kits. It is developed by Google and it has been around for almost four years. It first became available in May of 2017 and it is a cross platform system available for desktop systems, web, Android, and iOS. Not all of these are in the same levels of being live and operational, but development and optimization takes time especially for things that run on multiple different systems. It is only a matter of time before the kit allows everyone despite the platform to develop apps that are ready.

In any case, there are to main parts of the Flutter development kit. The first is its Software Development that offers the users a collection of useful tools that most developers need. It is available and accessible as an installable bundle. The second is the Widget Library, which is exactly what it sounds like. Here you can find all sorts of sliders, containers, buttons, rows, input options, columns, and other nifty tricks to use in your projects. In order to be able to use Flutter however, you already have to know Dart. This program language is among the easiest ones to master and it is similar to the bigger players in the field like Java, JavaScript, and C#. Do not give up or panic here since Flutter is still easy to use and learn if you are not fluent in these languages already.

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Reasons to Learn It in 2024

Sadly, this year came after the dreadful 2024 that has decimated markets and business that are now looking for alternatives and easier routes to most of their practices. This means that there will surely be a widespread search for all sorts of workers and the more you know the better. Therefore, it makes sense to learn Flutter in 2024 so make sure to start as soon as you can. Following are more concrete reasons why this would be a smart career choice that is going to help you find quality work down the line.

  1. Easy to Learn

The most basic reason why you should learn this development kit is because it is easy to master. Even if you have no idea how to program in Dart, it will not take you long to become proficient. Despite your background in the world of IT, and whether it is Android, web, or desktop, Flutter will encourage you to tap into your previous knowledge and apply it in this new quest. Beginners are known to have no real trouble with either Dart or Flutter, which should be all the encouragement you need to move on with this idea. There is an abundance of guides and videos on the web made by the experts so use these sources as help. Eventually you will have all you need to develop your first app with Flutter.

  1. Development Speed

Since it is easy to master and use, it also means that developing with it is quite faster than with other toolkits. Overall, it is a fast app development choice since it saves tons of time that would otherwise be spent with more complicated solutions. Thanks to the already well-equipped and rich library of widgets, the whole process is simple right from the beginning. What is more, it has the fan-favorite hot reload and hot restart features that save even more time with reloading of the apps and minor changes. Lastly, it is based on a single codebase, which means it is much easier to modify things you already developed and fix the errors and bugs that may have occurred while doing so.

  1. Modern Trends

Learning things and becoming a part of the movement just because it is popular and trendy at the moment does not have to be viewed as a bad thing. People like this are often referred to as bandwagoners, but in terms of business and career paths it makes perfect sense.  It should be enough for you to know that Flutter is among the fastest growing open-source community with well over 110,000 starts. To make things even better, it is the first choice of over 40% of developers when they require a toolkit for cross-platform development. In 2019, this number was around 30%, a considerable rise over less than two years. It has been so popular in recent years that it is quickly taking over newer development tools like React.

Source: Google Developers Blog
  1. Increase in Demand

To finish things off, we will round up our reasons with something already mentioned above. Considering it is a trend to learn it, that it is easy to master it, and the speed and efficiency it offers, it makes perfect sense to start learning Flutter this year. However, the only thing most of the developers want to hear is that more and more jobs actually require it and the employers ask for it. There is an increase in demand for devs who know how to use it, so become one now to increase your chances at looking for quality full-time employment.