Best Jackpot Slots to Play


When you sign up with an online casino in order to play slots games, the aim for most people is to win some money. Yes, it’s entertaining enough without the prizes, but winning large sums of cash is a pretty tempting incentive.

Many rookies think that in order to win big on a jackpot game, the first step is to seek out all the games with the highest jackpots. However, online slots are far more nuanced than that. It’s crucial to first understand about RTP percentages.

What’s an RTP percentage?

The ‘Return to Player’ percentage is the average percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine should theoretically pay back to the player over time a given period of time.

For example, if you put £100 into a slot machine and it has an RTP percentage of 96.5%, theoretically you should get £96.50 back over a given number of spins. Nevertheless, it’s fundamental not to assume this is an exact science. Sometimes you’ll get less back, and sometimes you’ll get more. You never know, you may even hit jackpot!

Anyway, you don’t need to be Einstein to fathom that it’s probably a better idea to seek out slots games with higher RTP percentages.


What is a good RTP percentage?

Every slots game you browse in an online casino’s library will have the RTP percentage below. Don’t just be drawn to the jackpot though. Check out the RTP percentage and strike a balance. It’s no use playing a game with a massive jackpot if the RTP percentage is really low.

  • 90% or less: low RTP, so stay clear
  • between 90% and 94%: weak RTP
  • either 95% or 96%: good RTP
  • above 97%: excellent RTP

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if the games with the highest jackpots also had the highest RTP percentages? Unfortunately, the higher the prize, the harder it is to strike it!

Online slots with the best RTP percentages

There’s an old adage in the online slots world that states that “there’s a big difference between a slot game that pays out frequently and a slot game with high pay-outs”.

Many slots games may have pretty underwhelming jackpots, but if the RTP percentage is excellent, it may be worth a try.

Check out these titles for some excellent RTP percentages, regardless of the jackpots:

1) Ugga Bugga – RTP 99.07%

2) Mega Joker – RTP 99%

3) Monopoly Big Event – RTP 99%

4) Jackpot 6000 – RTP – 98.8%

5) 1429 Unchartered Seas – RTP 98.6%

6) Joker Strike – RTP 98.1%

7) Blood Suckers – RTP 98%

8) Kings of Chicago – RTP 97.8%

9) Magicious – RTP 97.6%

10) Devil’s Delight – RTP 97.6%


Online slots with the best jackpots

So, getting down to the crunch of it, what are the online slots games with the best jackpots? The list below shows some of the most eye-watering which should get you in the mood to play:

1 Gladiator 91.50% £2,000,000
2 Cleopatra 95.02% £2,000,000
3 Mega Moolah 88.12% £1,000,000 minimum
4 Gold Fish 96.00% £1,050,000
5 Lucky Leprechaun 96.83% £500,000
6 Carnival Cash 95.96% £500,000
7 Buffalo 94.85% £405,000
8 Book of Dead 96.21% £250,000
9 Wheel of Fortune 94.22% £250,000
10 Rainbow Riches 95.00% £250,000

Remember to always check out the RTP percentage and factor it into your play though. There is one final piece of good news, however. The RTP percentages with online slots are considerably higher than you can find in-house, so you’re better off online!