Can Hickeys Give You Cancer?

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It only takes a few scorching minutes to leave an indelible mark — and not just on your emotions. Hickeys, alternatively referred to as love bites, are small bruises that occur during foreplay. While these tattoos may be unsightly and occasionally painful, they are completely safe for the body. In other words, they play no role in cancer development and can be easily cured by icloudhospital.

What exactly is a hickey?


Hackles are simply bruises from someone sucking or lightly biting another’s flesh. Hippies are frequently used on sensitive skin areas, such as the neck, during foreplay or convey a desire to another person.

In medical jargon, a hickey is referred to as the following:

  • ecchymosis
  • erythema
  • hematoma
  • purpura
  • petechiae

Each one is a distinct type of bruising black patch that may appear following a minor injury. Capillaries, or microscopic blood vessels, rupture, imparting colour. A hickey occurs as a result of the force exerted by a bite or sucking action.

Prescriptions are made for both hockey sticks and blood thinners

It’s critical to remember that those who take blood thinners for medical reasons, such as aspirin or other anticoagulants, may bruise more easily and develop larger, more persistent hickeys.

Is there an additional health hazard associated with hickeys?


Numerous urban legends and false warnings have been spread in an attempt to scare people away from disclosing their hickeys. This is often motivated by humiliation or a wish to stop this kind of behaviour. While some find hickeys amusing, others find them disrespectful, insulting, and, in some cases, offensive.

While hickeys are entirely harmless, concerns about the health repercussions of these love bites may be justified. Bruising and black scars on the skin, often known as erythema nodosum, may be indications or symptoms of one or more systemic illnesses, including the following:

  • tuberculosis
  • Infection with bacteria
  • infection caused by a fungus
  • sarcoidosis
  • intestinal inflammation-related diarrhea
  • thrombocytopenia
  • cancer

While various diseases share similar symptoms with hickeys, hickeys are caused by a specific behaviour. To qualify as a severe health issue, they would have to present independently, idiopathically and in concert with other symptoms.

When a hickey becomes more than a hickey

While at least one recorded incident of a serious complication occurring due to an accident exists, this is very rare.According to a case report published in 2010, a 44-year-old lady from New Zealand developed a blood clot over a hickey while exercising. Her stroke, which left her paralyzed on one side, was almost certainly caused by the blood clot.

How to broach the subject of hickeys with your spouse

Consent is a necessary component of every romantic or sexual relationship, and it is vital to communicate your expectations, restrictions, and preferences to your significant other. If there is anything about your relationship that makes you uncomfortable, discuss it with your partner.

How to get rid of a hickey in a few simple steps


A hickey cannot be immediately cured. While numerous treatments may be used to reduce discomfort, redness, and discoloration, the majority of hickeys will persist for at least one to two weeks after their creation.

Numerous strategies, including the following, may be utilized to help in the healing process’s acceleration:

  • For the first few days, use a cold compress.
  • After the third day, apply a warm compress.
  • massage
  • Vitamins and skin ointments

The exact method of hickeys is unknown

Blood from capillaries seeps into neighbouring regions due to the arterial rupture, causing blood to flow out of the capillaries. This is what gives your neck and shoulders a bruised look.

Let’s have a look at some of the rumours.

Those who feel hickeys are dangerous point to their tendency to induce blockages in major blood arteries, leading to a stroke. According to certain studies, hickeys may cause persistent discolouration and can even be a source of herpes transmission in some cases. Certain medical professionals, including physicians, believe that hickeys may lead to the spread of cancer.

  • Individuals who claim to have had hickeys and after that suffered deadly blood clots and strokes are not without reason, regardless of whether their claims are true or not.. Clots may occur when blood cells rush into nearby arteries after capillary rupture. Clots may form as blood cells rush into and burst nearby arteries. This may have serious consequences, such as a stroke, in very rare circumstances, but it does happen.
  • As a consequence, this urban tale falls short of legend status. One of my classmates died a few years ago when an infected blood clot invaded his brain. At the time of his death, he was 17 years old. His erratic behaviour is said to have been triggered by a large hickey given to him by his fiancée.

The most frequent hickey side effects include scarring and chronic discolouration


A medical emergency occurs when blood vessels burst as a result of an injury. Nobody is shocked that the majority of hickey injuries are minor. If your injuries do not heal fully, scarring may develop. As a result, the skin thickens and darkens.

Little love bites, in most situations, will not leave scars

Despite their unpleasant appearance, hickeys are harmful to one’s health. If left untreated, they have the potential to cause considerable harm, disease, and even scarring. On the bright side, we have some exciting news to share. The possibility of this occurring is very rare – fact, it would be rather exceptional – and the consequences would be disastrous.Is this a sign that you’ll have to say no to hickeys in the future? The decision is entirely yours. Any kind of sexual behaviour, including kissing, is dangerous.

The bottom line

While hickeys are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, they are considered to be rather innocuous. They have not been linked to the development of cancer or other significant human health concerns. If you experience a hickey and are concerned, speak with your spouse to prevent it from happening again.