Most Popular Casino Games for Thai Players

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Players in Thailand are hitting online casinos at an increasingly popular rate. Which means that many betting sites now have a tailored selection and website for Thai players. Since unlike North American and European countries, slots are not the most popular choices here.

If you’re thinking about joining an online casino for some fun and potentially high-reward betting. Then check out this list of the most popular games according to

1. Baccarat


Online or at their favorite local betting spot, Thai players can’t seem to get enough of the game of baccarat. Although it comes in many different variations, the classic game is still the go-to for most players who prefer the simple, familiar rules and equipment over complex features.

However, a little exploring in any online baccarat casino will reveal tons of different new and unique versions of this popular game. With good reason, even the most complicated variations are still very easy to learn and offer the same amazing odds of winning.

2. Blackjack


Players in Thailand have the right mindset and ideas about what’s really worth playing in a casino. For instance, all of the most popular games have something in common, they all over the lowest house edge compared to slots or other table games.

For example, blackjack is the second most popular game and it has the lowest house edge of all. In fact, if you correctly apply the basic blackjack strategy, you could find yourself winning and making a profit. It all depends on making the right decision whether to stand, hit or double down. Based on the cards you have as well as the dealers up-card (potential hand).

Another thing that puts blackjack at the top is that it’s also very easy to learn and endless fun to play. Especially when playing at an online casino, where you’ll encounter many different variations of the game. Including some that have different themes and jackpots attached to them which you can win with relevant side bets.

3.  Roulette


Not just in Thailand, but all over the world, roulette is a top choice for many players. The simple game of guessing where you think the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning has come an extremely long way. From the salons of the royalty and elites of France to all over the world. And you guessed it, it is now available to play online in a ton of different variations.

Take a break of regular roulette to try mini, multi-ball, as well as games full of tons of features and opportunities to win huge jackpots. Additionally, one of the most popular ways to enjoy this exciting game is with a live dealer, which gives you the absolute most intense fun you’ve had in a long time.


Although they aren’t as popular here, you will still find slot games by the hundreds at any online casino. So, it’s impossible not to mention them. The great thing about these easy games, is that you can win a lot of money in an extremely short amount of time and with very minimal bets. Which is likely the reason for their immense popularity everywhere.