How IPhones Have Changed The Way We Play Video Games


When asked what is the first thing you see in the morning, for many the answer would be their phone. It has become an essential gadget we carry most of our day, go to sleep, and wake up with. The bond modern man and this device have created are strong.

And no wonder this is the case. With their numerous functions and innovations, smartphones have changed the way of perceiving multimedia and using the Internet, and one of the biggest advantages of these devices is that they have simplified the idea of playing a video game. The past few years have seen a huge improvement in smartphone gaming. With the arrival of different operating systems, the growth is greater than ever before, and thus our habits in using and playing video games have also changed. According to HexiGames, mobile games, i.e. fun video games for the smartphone platform, are one of the largest branches of the gaming industry and are an important reason for using smartphones by a large number of people.

One of the reasons for this is the possibility to play a variety of different types of games. Whether you like skill-based ones, like 21 card game, or prefer role-playing ones, both are possible from a single device. Usage of computers for these purposes has significantly decreased.

A lesson in history


In the nineties of the last century, mobile phones were developed, and with the development of their capabilities and functionality, the possibility, or better said the need, of providing video game services appeared. The first mobile game appeared on the model in 1994. The number of users increased year by year, and manufacturers saw a great opportunity and invested large amounts of resources in improving the technique and technology of their own mobile products. This is how not only the technologies and functionalities of the phones themselves but also the network standards and technologies were developed.

The smartphone revolution was fast and massive. With a single device, almost everyone is connected to all the world’s knowledge via the Internet. It is a communication tool, a means of accessing information, a way of entertainment, a way of navigation, and a way of recording and sharing our lives. According to research conducted by the company Flurry in 2012, the adoption of the leading smartphone platforms Android and iOS is ten times faster than the adoption of social media.

But there’s one particular device that made the standards in this industry. It came to see the light of the day in January 2007. No need to say, this is the iPhone. Ever since the number of functionalities that developers can use when creating video games and other applications have increased considerably. That year is written in golden letters by all users of Apple products, and beyond, considering that the first iPhone caused a revolution in the mobile phone industry. The device is offered in two versions. They boasted a battery life of 8 hours of talk time, as well as 250 hours in standby mode. What more could a gamer ask for? Among some of the revolutionary features was an expansive and responsive display to check email, stream video and audio, and browse the web using a mobile browser that loads a large number of web pages. This device reoriented people’s relationship with smartphones, as they were aimed at business people and enthusiasts who saw them as an invaluable tool for organizing, answering emails, and increasing their productivity. They didn’t even dream of how large the number of gamers is, that have started to use their product every day.

The industry is still on the rise. Who plays the most?


The games industry is growing faster than ever, fueled by the ability to play on mobile devices, and has reached 26 percent of the total time we spend on media. Teenagers don’t think games are important, but they play them anyway. Games are available on their mobile phones simply by visiting platforms like HexiGames, and they see them as a way to pass the time, not as something important in their lives. But still, whenever they have a little bit of spare time, a game is the first thing that people go for.

The greatest importance to games is given by those who just started the family, or more precisely, the early parental period of life. However, there is little chance that this demographic group will remain at that stage for long, although it is likely that they will retain a significant interest in games in the later years. This may mean that their profile will become closer to those who watch TV and videos over time.


Games are not just games anymore

We’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph how such entertainment is not just indulged by teenagers, but by seniors as well. Readers may have noticed the increasing number of platforms offering games one can actually make a profit of. We’ve also mentioned the HexiGames platform. It is a perfect example of how iPhones are being used to play games like Poker, or 21 card games, to earn money. So, one of the ways it has changed the way we play games is that it has become an online casino. By finding a safe platform to gamble on, one can gamble any chance he gets. At home, at work, while commuting, sitting in the park, literally wherever.

Finally, a device like an iPhone has become something everyone strives to buy in the sea of so many other products. Those who already use it know very well why.

We have reached a point where, practically,  everything is one touch away from us on the screen of our device, from our bank accounts, video library, music collection, or private photos. We have everything immediately and now, and we got used to it so quickly, that it is practically unimaginable to us how we lived without it all those ten years ago.