Why Co-Browsing Is a Revolutionary Tool for E-commerce

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There are many benefits that we have managed to get thanks to the Internet and its use. We are now able to do many things faster and more efficiently, which makes our lives much easier. Do you remember the earlier trips to shopping malls and standing in long, never-ending lines? Fortunately, this is our past. With the development of e-commerce, we get savings in time and money.

Running a business has also changed greatly today. With the use of many internet tools, new opportunities for business advancement and development open up for us. Have you ever wondered what actually co-browsing is and how it can affect your business and your e-commerce in general? If its benefits are unclear to you and you are thinking about applying modern technology and ways of thinking, it is time to dedicate a little of your precious time to this article. Let’s discover together the importance and role of co-browsing!

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What exactly is Co-browsing?

Working to reach more satisfied customers and their loyalty should be a key task if you are engaged in online shopping. How to achieve and improve it? Very simple, through a tool called co-browsing. The ability for the agent and the customer to view your website at the same time works to strengthen customer loyalty. This program offers direct communication between you and your potential customers. To eliminate their doubts, help in choosing products and filling in the desired documents, this option is considered extremely useful for both, customers and your business. What are the benefits of using this application, with the help of copointer tips, we reveal to you below in this text.

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Direct customer support

We are aware that the customer’s needs and desires are different and depend on many factors. To some, just logging on to a site sounds abstract while to others filling out a list of orders sounds like a mission impossible. Many website requirements can be tedious and drive the customer of it. To remove their problems and provide the right solution, you need to be on the same website at the same time interval as the customer, right? By using co-browsing, agents are involved in direct communication with customers by helping them in given situations. Crossing critical areas for clients, agents offer their customer support through the screen and simplify their requirements. With live chat, the customers gain trust and feel safe, so their loyalty is guaranteed. Successful help from agents will force customers to come to your site again and buy the products or services from your offer.

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It makes sales much easier

During direct communication with potential customers, the agent creates an image of what their wishes and preferences are. Based on that, these information are registered in the system and remain memorized. This is a very important thing that co-working offers to us. The reason is very simple. When the same customers log in to the site again, the agent, thanks the memorized data, manages to provide ideal and timely assistance to the customer. The agent that by offering them similar, previously requested products or simple inquiries about the success of overcoming previous difficulties. Without much effort, the client decides to buy products from your offer. In this way, the customer feels prioritized and occupies a special place in e-commerce on your site.

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Less chance of giving up the product

You know that today we are overwhelmed with every kind of product and that can sometimes be tiring for customers. For example, if they enter a TV equipment store (or their website) and have a handful of TVs with similar features, looks and prices from different manufacturers in front of them, making a decision will be very difficult. If customers don’t have an exact idea of what they want to buy or cannot find what they are looking for, this is where the co-working tool comes into play! To not give up buying your products, based on reviewing their previous wishes or purchases, you can act at the right time by offering them what they are looking for. If they find the right product, many customers are not able to complete the transaction. Here you step on the scene and with the co-working, help customers to make the desired purchase to the end. This reduces the chance of switching to another site and giving up shopping.

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Co-working doesn’t cost

You’ve probably said by now, okay the story sounds great, but how much will this program cost my customers? Do you believe when we tell you- absolutely nothing? No software is needed by your customers to be able to get help from your web. The website doesn’t require download and additional installation. Theirs is to go to a search engine, get on your web and the rest comes itself. With one click, they get all the necessary information about your offer. The agent comes to their aid, and their search engine remembers the actions that are entered when searching for products and services. Simple, isn’t it?

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Higher level of customer loyalty

In a world of huge competition, it’s very important to stand out and deserve at least a moment of consumer attention. You need to have a good understanding of the consumer’s desires, habits and possibilities to react accordingly. When someone offers you cooperation and help and doesn’t ask for anything in return, that sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? According to research, slightly less than 80% of online shoppers expect their problem to be solved in a few minutes. If we succeed in this, we could get the opportunity to gain their trust. With the help of co-working, this job is much more accessible to us. Customer loyalty grows when we directly help and solve their problems on the site.

If you’re still not using modern technology and don’t understand the digital way of business, it’s time for a new page. Follow and be in trend. With co-working, you make things easier for yourself and your consumers. Facilitating business leads to satisfied customers and this further leads to higher profits and growth of the company. With this way of doing business, you would have all the strings in your hands. Be closer to customers, get to know their wishes and react based on them. Why not give it a try?