Choosing CPO Tool for Your EV Charging Brand. What You Should Know?


As electric vehicles (EV) continue to rise in popularity, more and more EV owners are eager to find convenient charging solutions for their cars. With a variety of tools available on the market, finding the right one that fits your business needs can be daunting. Therefore, it’s important to understand CPO tools and how each provides value when selecting the best solution for your EV charging brand. In this blog post, we will breakdown the process of choosing your ideal CPO platform by assessing qualities such as technical aspects, customer service & support capabilities and functionality vs cost evaluation. Read on to learn all you need to know before selecting a tool which suits you well!

First step: Plan your budget and payment solution

When it comes to budgeting, there are two main options worth exploring – Software as a Service (SaaS) or getting a License. SaaS is especially well-suited for startups looking to get their business off the ground without taking on too much of an initial financial burden. On the flip side, Licensing could potentially be more economical in terms of cost savings during longer periods; however this may not necessarily suit businesses who don’t have established positions yet within their market sector. To ensure you make informed decisions and evaluate all possible scenarios before committing yourself financially, we recommend using our free calculator which predicts 3-year costs & potential savings – simply go here:

Second step: Think of your and EV drivers needs

The absolute minimal features should be available on every platform used by Charge Point Operators are: pricing, reporting and invoicing choices, control over remote charging stations, and intelligent energy management through the admin interface. There are also a ton of extra features you may take into account. Make sure, they are customized to your requirements and needs. Also it’s crucial to make the last version of OCPI and OCPP.

Third step: Additional features, what you can add to the basic platform?

There a lot of additional features you can add, for example: Remote Start/Stop System, Remote Restart, Custom Branding, Dynamic and Static Load Management, and many others. That are only a few from additional features you can add to your platform. If you already have a CPO platform and want to add more features, be sure to have a roadmap and relevant application documentation.

Last step: Make sure you will have technical support for your CPO platform

To ensure that your online platform is fully supported and functioning correctly, it’s essential to have the assistance of an experienced technical team. This can include ad hoc fixes for payments issues or debugging app errors, as well as ensuring any device updates are installed quickly and customization needs are met. You have to search for services like:

  • OCPP live logs debugging
  • OCPI live logs debugging
  • Hubs support
  • Also reporting and Analytics

Don’t be left without support and make sure you investigate these services when planning a new project!

Summary: What you should know about choosing CPO tool for your brand?

To conclude, the selection of the right CPO tool system to ensure accurate and efficient charging process for your EV charging brand is a complex but rewarding investment. Every business has different needs and you should review yours and your client needs before investing in any solution. Additionally, pay attention to the features you can add to the basic platform to ensure that it meets all of your requirements. Furthermore, make sure that you will have a professional technical team available when needed. All of these points are essential when partnering with a company or selecting a product. If at any point you find yourself in doubt, consult in this area with Solidstudio.

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Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog post about choosing the right CPO tool for your EV charging brand and good luck with selecting the most suitable option for your needs! We hope that with those knowledge it coud be easier for you to choose the perfect CPO tool for you. If you have any questions relating to this topic, don’t hesitate to contact with Solidstudio. They are ready to answer any questions and equip your business with the right CPO tool to enable all your customers needs!