Developing An E-learning App


Online learning is very common as a new form of learning. There are some other similar names such as “distance learning”, but there are several ways of learning. First of all, the main tool in this learning is, of course, the computer and the Internet. Only learning or learning technology is something that depends on several factors. For example, the lectures or teaching units themselves can be “real-time” where the student is directly connected via his computer to the lecture via his Internet network. Simply put, watching the lecture “live” via your computer. This type has its advantages of learning whether the student follows the lectures from any location. You must connect and watch live lectures at certain times through certain software.

However, perhaps the best way of learning like this is online learning where the trainee has already recorded lectures (teaching units) and where he logs in through a special learning platform and can comfortably listen to the lectures. In that way, he can review each lecture (video teaching unit) when he can and of course always return it if he did not understand something best. It is very important that each online training has accompanying written material that allows the trainee to have a written teaching unit for further later learning when the training is completed. The biggest advantage of online training, which already has the preparation of video lectures, is – control of one’s own learning time and, of course, location.

When we say control times, it means that the student has complete control – when he will learn and how much he will learn. Also, today the world is unimaginable without the internet so every location is accessible, so  the attendee doesn’t need to be present. Online training in America can be taught by someone from Australia. The classroom is no longer needed.

If you run a school or educational institution, you’ve probably been dealing with a host of problems ever since the coronavirus shut everything down.

In the beginning, everyone scrambled to find a workable alternative to the face-to-face learning methods we are so used to.

The shift to online learning has not been easy, as platforms like Zoom and Teams have tried to capitalize on the new opportunity, but if you want to provide your student with the best education, you need your e-learning app.

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Source: Southern African Institute of Learning

Why Do You Need an E-learning App?

Online interactive classes are easy to execute if you have own app. Instructors can communicate with students on an individual basis or as many students as they want.

This will create a virtual classroom where students and teachers can exchange on-screen content and make classes creatively appealing.

In-app communication lets students raise concerns during class time without disrupting the lecture with a cacophony of different voices at once. It’s also an ideal place for instructors and learners to explain or brush up on certain topics.

Your e-learning application can be a supplement for your regular curriculum, a specialized training course for enterprise, or a hybrid of the two.

You can easily monetize the app as well, and this will serve as an additional source of income if you aren’t charging the regular school fees from your students.

You can present a freemium platform where tutorials are accessible but premium material has to be paid for through the app. You can also offer students with resource packs or other useful materials via your app.

All transactions are safe and you can provide a variety of options to pay for them. You might also want to consider making extra money you’re your app through advertisements.

It’s very convenient to create multiple dashboards for various users. Teachers will see all of their subjects and courses, and they can upload files and documents in bulk so students can access them easily. Students can also upload their assignments on the portal, where teachers can check and provide feedback easily.

The app will also involve parents with their child’s education, as they can easily track progress and see whether or not their child has been submitting homework on time. Moreover, you will have access to the entire app’s data via a master screen, which will provide a holistic overview of your business and help you make better decisions.

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What are the Benefits of an E-learning App?

All of your app’s users can access the relevant data easily. Educators can devote minimal effort to administration and more energy to providing a quality education for students. You can easily observe and oversee the entire app’s processes and step in if any issues arise.

All the information you gather will help you develop your educational platform. You get the app based on a monthly subscription model, but it’s yours to keep after two years. Unlike other monthly subscription app-building packages, you’re not restricted and can host your software as per your preference.

The best part is that it’s affordable and you can start expanding your educational business through your new app in just twelve weeks! Good luck with your educational and business goals!

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Comparison of e-learning and traditional way of education

Compared to the formal way of education, e-learning additionally motivates the participants because when learning the user can choose lessons, skip them or return to those that he thinks he has not mastered well. Online course participants can choose their own pace of learning, which is another advantage. Online courses are a reliable source of knowledge and skills available in a modern and interactive way.

Source: Afnor-it

Final thoughts

We cannot fail to mention the current situation when most people turn to the online world and make the most of it. Education is morally turning to the online way of working, but others are also trying to adapt their work to online platforms so that life does not stop. In such crisis situations, we can see how important it is to keep up with the times and accept everything that the online world offers us to adapt more easily to constant changes. In these moments when we are all doomed to isolation, we need to focus on what we have not had time for so far. Someone will watch series, movies, read books, and someone might invest time in an online course and learn something new. This is an ideal opportunity for all of us. When if not now?!