Difference between Cocos2D and Unity Game Development


We all love to play games, and with them, we are spending some quality time with our friends, or we make the waiting shorter. There are a lot of available games, and luckily for us, game developers are creating new games every day. Usually, most of the creators are focusing on Android and iOS. If you are a developer and you need to decide what program is the best, then this article can help you.

We did research and compared two-game developments, Cocos2D, and Unity. After you read the article, we believe that you will know which development you will choose to create 2D games.

Before we present differences to you, we will explain what is Cocos2D and what is Unity game development.

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The great thing about Unity is that you can develop 2D and 3D games. With this cross-platform, some of the most exciting games were constructed. For example, both Assassin’s Creed Identity and Temple Run are made with the help of Unity. Also, a great example is a game called Pigs in Peril.

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The great thing about Cocos2D is the engine because it’s available on a couple of languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, and Objective-C. With this feature, Cocos2D represents an excellent choice for creating 2D games. Besides, different platforms and languages are supported by Cocos2D.

To explain the features and differences between the two frameworks, we considered different levels and included a lot of factors. Take a look.

Manual Coding

With the Cocos2D, you will have to create a line code on your own. If you don’t have time for coding or you don’t like doing it, then your option should be Unity3D. Also, most of the developers don’t like beta touch in Cocos2D.

Previous experience in programming

Your prior knowledge of programming is an important thing to make the right decision. If you worked already with C++ and C-a, then you could choose Cocos2D. However, if you don’t have any experience, then you should select Unity3D because it is more suitable for beginners. It’s important to mention that you have a lot of tutorials online.

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Quantity of Learning

For the Cocos2D, you will need more time to learn everything you should know. If you at the beginning of the game developing, you will probably get confused with things like bitmap font styles, tips, and particle systems. Unity3D is more comfortable to learn, and after a few days, you can even start to make applications on your own.

Support for the low-end development

In the beginning, you should start by developing some small games. For this, Cocos2D is a better choice because you can make games lower than 1.5 megabytes. With Unity3D, the tiniest games that you can develop are 8MB.

Suitability for mobile app development

In this matter, the better choice is Unity3D because it comes with the possibility to create 3D games, iPhone apps/games, Chrome apps, and even Android apps. With Cocos2D, you can create mostly iOS apps. The Cocos2D framework also has a 3D option, but it’s not so great.

Language of Programming

Cocos2D is using C++, and Unity3D is using C# and JavaScript. In this choice, better options are JavaScript and C#. With the Unity 3D, you will save some time, but in Cocos2D, that is not the case.

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Design Environment

The main difference between Cocos2D and Unity3D in this field is that Cocos2D has a merged the design environment. That means that Unity Editors is a better option, and you will get a lot of features with it.

Community and extras of Cocos2D and Unity3D

Unity3D has a lot of supporters from the other users from the App Store. The App Store helps users with the purchasing of developments such as extensions, applications, scripts, 2D models, 3D textures, and much more. These features you can even get for free and transfer it from the store. Cocos2D doesn’t have this kind of support.

As you can notice from our article, both Unity3D and Cocos2D has qualities. It only depends on you what you need from these frameworks. If you want to create some simple games, then you should choose Cocos2D. On the other hand, if you’re going to develop bigger games and you have no budget limit, then your choice will be Unity3D.