4 Popular Gambling Myths About Online Slots Most People Believe In


Online slots are becoming more and more popular as a way to play slots. Their popularity only rose with the advent of the pandemic, allowing us to stay safe and still play some slots. However, just like any other type of gambling people have certain myths which they are convinced are real. These myths could deter newer players or concern them so we are here to debunk them and offer a stress-free experience.

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1. Slots have hot and cold streaks

One of the most popular myths of playing a slot online is that there are periods during which they dispense wins and then those during which they repeatedly toss out useless combinations. The idea behind this myth is that slots are trying to draw you in more by giving you a taste of victory with multiple wins in a row before lining up a dozen bad spins.

This myth is completely untrue. While multiple wins or a slew of complete losses can happen it’s a completely random chance that those occur. Coincidence is the main factor that gives this myth the prominence it has but that doesn’t change the fact that these are simply luck.

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2. Slots that paid a jackpot can’t pay out another one for a while

A lot of people assume when playing a slot online has a certain cooldown period between big payouts. The jackpots are immense payouts and thus the machine isn’t allowed to give them too close to each other, or at least that’s how the myth goes. However, there’s no truth in this. The “cooldown period” is just the extremely low chance of winning a jackpot instilling a false belief in players. Jackpots could occur back to back if you are exceptionally lucky, although this is an extremely rare occasion. Their occurrence overall is all up to chance no matter how small said chance is.

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3. Online slots aren’t as fair as physical ones

In terms of online slots, the most prominent myth is one of a discrepancy between physical ones and virtual ones. The usual explanation for it goes that the online slots are easier to rig and can be programmed to trick players out of their money. Said explanation doesn’t take into account the fact that both types of slots use a random number generator and other algorithms to decide the outcome. While you may not be having as much luck with payouts, the programming stays the same. Playing on a game like daftar slot online will make you practice for the real thing.

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4. The auto feature pays less

The way one spins the slot is said to alter the potential payout by those holding to the next myth. By this line of logic, the auto feature is the worst way of spinning a slot. The myth comes from superstition that players sometimes indulge in. There are many techniques players will use to pull the lever in the way they deem optimal for big wins. In truth, these are just personal rituals and have no factual basis.  The payout rate of a slot machine doesn’t have any connections to the way it’s being operated. The auto feature itself doesn’t affect payouts and its only legitimate purpose is to speed up the game so that you needn’t repeatedly pull on the lever, be it physical slots or playing a slot online.