Training Tips and Techniques to Increase Your Punching Power


In martial arts, fights tend to be determined by technique and intellect and not by the force of the fight and force. But, there are some who are so strong that it doesn’t matter what type of strategy their adversaries come up with on the field. Their power is evident in the end.

The power certain fighters have is an equalizer to level the playing field by closing the gap between fight technology and a classic throw down. We’ve all witnessed it. Punching power is an incredible experience to behold. In the best form, punching power is a thrilling way to watch fights. That’s why the idea of a knockout is so attractive. Fans can witness the lights and thunder instead of the actual research behind it.

Not everyone has the power to punch. Certain fighters aren’t blessed with this particular talent. Although the strength that can knock out opponents is a physical talent, that doesn’t mean that such power isn’t attainable if trained at the very least, a bit. Check this article for tips to enhance your punching power.

Strategies to Boost Punching Power


Improve Your Upper Body Rotation

You can increase your speed by moving your shoulders and your torso. This increases the power of your punches. This is a technique most fighters aren’t able to employ when they’re tired and have to use “arm punches”.

Your entire upper body can produce the torque required to knock out your opponent, so you must focus on exercises that target this region.

A golf or baseball bat creates the same effect similar to punching. It is possible to practice this by using a medicine ball with both hands on the chest, straighten your arms, then turn your body in a continuous rotation in a left-to-right direction.

Plyometric Push-Ups

Plyometric exercises, also known in the context of “jump training”, are exercises that require muscles to exert maximum force and effort during short bursts. The objective is not only to boost power but also speed.

The plyometric push-up is among the drills that are often overlooked, which can improve your punching power.

Begin by getting into the traditional push-up posture. Do a dip down as you normally would during a typical push-up; however, you should explode until your hands are lifted above the ground when you get back up. This exercise builds shoulders, arms and pectoral muscle -every part of the body that help increase the power of your punch.

You can also try a few variations, like the hands clapping in mid-air or on your chest. Be sure to keep your glutes and your core muscles in a tight position throughout. If you’re not quite strong enough, you can place yourself in a position where your knees are on the floor and then work your way upwards.

If you’ve built enough strength and endurance, then you may even consider getting your feet up from the ground, along with using your hands. This will boost your strength and power, and it’s a good way to get into the ring.



Another exercise that can help improve your punching power involves shadowboxing. It’s one thing that you can train your technique in a static position; however, shadowboxing can aid in performing the move swiftly and on the move.

Shadowboxing aims to make your punching technique effortless. Start slowly and make sure to concentrate on your technique. For a bonus, you can attempt shadowboxing for three minutes rounds to build your endurance.

Follow these tips to boost your shadowboxing practice:

  • Be constantly moving and remain in one place whenever you need to make a strike.
  • Do some basic dodging and countering to improve your balance.
  • Make sure you are switching up your footwork.

The goal in shadowboxing is to perfect your technique. Shadowboxing is a method of using your reflection or shadow to practise movements like you were fighting an opponent on your face.

Work The Heavy Bag

Heavy bags are important because of their purpose, so wear the bag gloves (boxing or MMA style that you can benefit from any of the two sports) and become familiar with bags that are heavy.

In 10-second intervals, you should try to strike as hard as you can with any combination of hooks, straights and uppercuts. For 10 to 15 seconds, you will be doing an active break of lightly jabs and footwork before increasing the intensity over the next 10 seconds. Perform these three-minute intervals, taking rest for around an hour between sets.


Medicine Ball Throws and Squats

The ultimate power punch utilizes all muscles in the body, from your legs to your shoulders. Utilize a medicine ball, and execute the following moves.

Squats: To begin to complete this first exercise, keep the medicine ball on the face (for an added exercise, raise your arms as you are you hold your ball). Lower into a squat, and ensure your knees aren’t extended beyond your feet. Rise and repeat the whole process.

Throws: The second exercise is focused upon your shoulders and upper back. First, raise the medicine ball above your head. Next, smash the medicine ball down as you release the ball out of your fingers.

If you don’t own an exercise ball or other equipment, you could make do with an enormous duffel bag, book or even a basketball.

Combine Squats and Lunges

Because full squats increase weight and push you up a weight class, while lunges mimic movement patterns commonly employed in the ring, mixing split squats and lunges is an excellent alternative for efficient athletes.


Tub O’ Rice

Hand injuries are frequent in boxing and MMA; therefore, you should focus on strengthening your hands. Begin by purchasing a big tub of rice, then putting your hands into it, first focusing on your fingertips. You could also try squeezing through sandbags or through the water to build your strength in your hands.

Final Words

It is said that practice can make perfect; however, the truth is that perfect practice makes perfect. Put all the tips above, and you’ll be noticing an improvement in your power punching within a matter of minutes!

Begin slowly and master the correct form before you can move on to shadowboxing. Concentrate on doing your exercises every day, at least, and you’ll notice your muscles gaining strength and endurance.