How Long Does It Take to Get Your Full G License in Ontario?

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Life is all about learning new things and improving ourselves. Without obtaining new skills and getting new knowledge we cannot hope to fill out our time with the best and most interesting experiences available in the world. If a person wants to continue striving forward, they have to get out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons. One of the biggest tests in life that comes quite early on for most is learning how to drive. Depending on the country and its laws, people can start learning earlier or later. In most cases, you need to be 16 before you can start preparing to take the test and obtain the license.


Driving is Important

Driving is a life skill like no other. While it may seem like any other thing to learn, it is actually much more. The benefits of driving are numerous and those who get the license and can drive their own car can do so much more than those who rely on others for transportation. From leisure driving and going to trips to commuting to work and doing grocery shopping, having your own set of wheels is liberating and exciting to say the least. Spending hours every day in public transport and waiting for others in terms of bus and train destinations can be a thing of the past, and all it takes is having a document that allows you to be in control of a vehicle.

Driving in Canada

In this article we are focusing on driving in a particular country, Canada, as we examine the driving test there. Most importantly, we talk about how long it takes to get the full license in this country. Therefore, if you live in Canada, especially Ontario, or if you are about to move there, you really need to know everything there is about their G license. Read on to learn what it is and how long it will take you to obtain it. It is a straightforward process and one that not many people fail in, but you still need all the information there is on your side before you can begin.


What is a G License?

So we have already mentioned that in Ontario, Canada the full driver’s license is referred to as a G license. But what is it really and is there a version that is not full? Well, since the year 1994 every driver in Ontario has to go through several stages to become a licensed driver. There are three levels of a driver’s license and everyone starts from the lowest, that being the G1 license. Then comes the G2, and the aforementioned full G license is the last. The G category is the actual license that is considered the final, ultimate document that allows a person to drive a vehicle on roads. The two previous stages are just that, stages, as they are eventually replaced.

The Length of the Process

Since it has three separate stages and involves a lot of learning and practice, the whole thing looks lengthy from the get go. If a person is in a rush to get the full G license, they will probably be disappointed with the length of the entire program. It is a step by step system and it is the same for all. The learner’s license, also known as the G1, takes a minimum of 12 months, after which the candidate becomes eligible for the G2. If a candidate wants to do it sooner and feels like they are experienced enough, they can take a driving course after the 8th month. When the candidate has had the learner’s license for 12 months (or 8 months with the driving course), they can take the test for the next stage. When the G2 license is obtained, also known as the probationary license, they must spend another 12 months driving with it. After the candidate has had the probationary license for a year, they can take a test for the full G license.

What this means is that if the candidate does all of the steps within a timely manner and spends 12 months with the G1 and another 12 months with the G2 licenses, it only takes them those 2 years to get the full G category. However, there is another regulation involved. Since the test is not that easy and takes a lot of practice, not everyone passes it immediately. There is a maximum time limit to get the full license, and it is 5 years from the moment you were eligible for the test. If you fail to pass the test in that time, you have to go through the entire thing again and start from the G1 test.


Practicing and Preparing

From what was said above, the total time it takes one to get the full G license ranges from 20 months to 5 years. In order to get the full license as soon as possible, which is 24 months (or 20 months with the driving course) after you pass the G1 test, you need to practice a lot.

All the information that you need for the test is available in the official Driver’s Handbook, but to practice the questions you need practice tests. This can be problematic because the handbook itself lacks enough practice. Instead, you need to find the right practice test online and do it enough time to best prepare yourself for the actual test.

One of the best places to do so is g1practicetest where you can find all sorts of questions that will prepare you for the actual, real one and allow you to easily obtain the license. Doing it online in the comfort of your home is the best way to prepare without any stress. The biggest obstacle to initiating the whole process is the first test, the G1 test, so make sure to check out this website in order to go through all of the questions and not be surprised when the time comes for the real one.