How Does a Laser Wood Cutting Machine Work – 2024 Guide


Today it is extremely easy to make any object from any material and desire because technological advances allow us to do so. Do you need a wooden object that you will use to decorate your home? No problem, today’s laser woodworking machines can make your every wish come true.

But have you ever wondered on what principle these machines work on, and what the process looks like from choosing a rough piece of wood to making a fine object with perfect and fine lines? We have prepared this little guide for you, and we will reveal to you what this process of laser wood cutting machine looks like.


First of all, to be able to make any object with the help of such a machine that uses laser processing, we must know the basic characteristics of wood such as whether it is dry or has a certain amount of moisture in it, what is its density, what kind of wood is also in question whether it contains some additional components such as glue or similar.

Plywood is the most used wooden board in this procedure and the easiest to process. The process of their treating begins with the placement of the plate at the place where the shape you want will be formed. The next step involves lasers, which help process the plywood and allow us to get the desired shape we need. It all starts with a laser beam generated in a laser tube that then finds its way to the laser head through a system of mirrors. In this part, the optics does its thing and through the lenses allows the laser beam to come to the surface. The thickness of the laser that will allow the processing of the plywood is selected at the very beginning before the process begins. Depending on the size of the wood being treated, will also determine the size of the laser beam.


Because wood is a flammable material, woodworking machines have a way of preventing the wood from burning. In this case, at the machine on the head where the laser beam exits, there is a place where the air is released under pressure. This air allows the plywood to cool during processing, and prevent fire or damage.

When it comes to woodworking when using the machine two factors need to be considered, namely its power and speed and you need to know how to properly use these parameters. If you want an engraved object you need to carefully choose with what power and at what speed you should operate the machine. When engraving, it is extremely important to set the speed parameter to a higher one and reduce the power to get a finely crafted item. While for other objects the parameters are adjusted in reverse, the power increases, and the speed of the machine decreases.


We hope that through this small guide that we have prepared especially for you, it will become a little clearer to you how these machines work and what the process of processing from rough wood material or plate to an engraved or formed object looks like, which you will use further. For more information on this topic, we recommend that you visit the link above and find out as much as possible about this topic. Using these machines does not seem too complicated, but the end product is phenomenal and would exceed our expectations.