How Can PMP Certification Improve Your Boring Salary?


With a daily salary and daily work, you might feel bored. D you want something different in your life to improve your salary and do something exciting in your work? For those who have been bored with the present salary, this article is for them. And what do you believe if you get PMP certification, how it will improve your salary? Here in this article, you will see how PMP certification helps to increase your monthly salary. When considering your options for PMP® training, take a close look at the certificate courses and certificate programs offered – click here.

Who can get PMP Certification?

PMI gives PMP Certification for the project managers. Even though project management is very popular today in every part of corporate life, it is not easy to pass the certification exam without adequate preparation. Therefore it is recommended to join the PMP course from institutes like Knowledgehut before you attempt the certification exam. PMP Certification is like a benchmark for project management excellence. A person certified with PMP certification is on the top priority. This means there is a high demand for them. For sure, the salary of the PMP trained person will be high.

The primary responsibility of a PMP certified person is to take the projects and completing a task on time. Thus they also have to keep track of the working of people and in the given deadline. However, it is not much simple to handle.

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How can PMP certification improve your salary?

According to the rumors, a person with PMP Training will naturally have a good salary. However, these rumors are all true. The prominent benefit of having a certificate is that you will have a higher salary package. In the United States, a PMP certified person has 22% more earnings than the person who is not approved. The salary growth would vary according to the industry. However, but a PMP person will get the highest package he can. He can work in any sector for more salary like IT Senior PM, IT Project Manager, Program Manager, Software Development Manager, and Engineering Operations Manager.

Why PMP Certified earn more than others?

In actuality, the strategies that PMP person applies will be undoubtedly unique and standardized as compared to some other person. They could complete it within some challenging environment to prove their work. They will have consistency in their work. Thus it validates the skill set of a project manager. The top five phases where a project manager works are:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Termination

A person who has gone through a proper PMP course will ensure that his project has gone through all phases properly. It is for sure for an organization to trust that person. However, it is not essential to get certified first to work as a manager. There is no requirement as such.

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Is it worth to work with PMP Certification to improve salary?

Now, these days managing a project is not just a profession but also a strategy that you have undergone to complete it. It is like a critical factor in having a successful business. The demand for skilled managers has been growing because of rising competition. It is no longer a suggestion to certify yourself but also a necessity. It does not only improves your value to work but also your salary. To will enjoy several job opportunities, salary growth, and career advancement. It is best to differentiate yourself if you have PMP training.

However, the salary you get with PMP certification also depends upon the years of experience, the size of a company, and the title you have in the company.

Salary increment with PMP Certification

For once, if you are PMP certified, then compete for your salary with the one who is not approved. There is an approximately 20% increment in the salary than a general manager. This is not a precise figure; the salary also depends upon the experience, the title you own, company reputation, and much more.

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Check the salary of PMP certified

What salary do you expect if you are PMP certified in the United States? And what salary do you expect if you are not in the US? In the whole world, you will get around $81,000 in one year. However, the number may vary from country to country, the position of the company, your job position, the experience you have, and much more. Thus the average is around 20% more than the general according to surveys.

PMP Salary with experience

Naturally, if you have good experience in this field, surely you will have more salary. This means your PMP salary can increase with time. However, if you talk about different countries, the increment is not uniform. Singapore has the highest salary packages. There is a significant difference between the salaries of three years of the certified person and that too 20 years of an experienced person. The difference is around 177%. This is, according to Singapore. However, for China, the same skilled people show a salary difference of 38%.

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PMP Certified Salary in India

Surely, experience in project management has a good impact on the salary of a person. A person who is in the field of PMP certification project management will have a salary range of 14 lakh to 31 lakh in India. According to the data, only 12% of women in India have PMP certification. The average pay for women ranges from rupees 4,60,107 to rupees 17,54,870 and that for men is rupees 6,59,179 to rupees 21,73,384. The job profile that these people share with PMP certification includes IT Project Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Operations Manager, IT Deputy General Manager, and Program Manager.

The famous companies that hold Project Managers with PMP certification are Infosys, IBM, Accenture, TCS, Hewlett-Packard, HCL Technologies, and Wipro Technologies. The IT prosperous cities include Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, and New Delhi.

PMP Preparation Training for good PMP Salary

PMP training is the primary requirement for PMP certification. You can either have this training through online classes, live classes, videos, and more. Live classroom sessions can lie for around two weekends for three, four, or five days. However, the charges for this class are quite much that range from hundreds of USD to thousands of USD. But the results you get are even higher than the expectations. Companies generally take the person into their account according to experience, talent, and many more factors. Thus if you want to undergo such training, keep these all into your mind first.