Reasons to Implement Airbnb Management Software to Your Business


Tourism as a multifunctional phenomenon is not only an economic activity but above all socio-cultural phenomenon. Today, people use the Internet intensively and like to share travel experiences with family and friends, they like to fantasize about future trips, to be informed about trips they may not go on (but hopefully), they plan the trips they have decided to go on and then thoroughly document them, some for remembrance, some to boast, and some both. Precisely because tourists live on the internet, it is interesting to see how tourism works online. Over 70% of tourists look for inspiration for traveling on the Internet, while more than half of them are still not quite sure where they want to go. For that reason, they often ask inspiration on social networks, various tourist portals, or very popular blogs about travel.

Of course, other, classic and offline sources of information such as TV, brochures, newspapers, and magazines, but the Internet, and family and friends remain the most important sources. Tourists consume a huge amount during the information phase and later planning content. They read various articles, view photos and videos, and share quality content on all possible ways Airbnb is the largest social network for renting accommodation. The idea came from two roommates who lacked money so they decided to rent their mattresses. As ridiculous as it may sound, this idea came to life very quickly, and a platform was developed on which people from different parts of the world advertise, offering similar accommodation to tourists.

There are many reasons why Airbnb software should be implemented in your business and these are some of them.

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It improves business

This software allows hotel owners or managers to simplify their administrative tasks while reducing costs and increasing bookings. The software system is not only important for everyday business but also plays a vital role in the overall guest in London review experience. Learn more at

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Reliability of use

Airbnb services are secure and reliable because Airbnb verifies user-profiles and verifies ads, and has a reliable platform for making payments and withdrawals. The helpdesk is available in 10 foreign languages. How to ensure guests a safe and comfortable stay, Airbnb asks the hosts to guests quickly responds to inquiries and reservations, to accept requests for reservations whenever they have accommodation free, to avoid cancellations, and to maintain a high overall rating because it is guests very important to know how to expect a standard level of quality no matter in which destination book accommodation.

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Great choice of accommodation

Today, Airbnb has over 800,000 private accommodations in 33,000 cities and 192 states. In order to register on the Airbnb portal, both renters and guests must create their own profile, therefore introduce themselves with own profile picture and write something about yourself/your apartment. Profile renters can be linked to profiles on other social networks, again with the same goal – by building the confidence of potential guests in the accommodation of renters, but also by strengthening trust in the service itself. The portal offers the possibility of writing reviews of the stay (reviews) with a particular host, but also collecting recommendations from friends and people who have stayed in the apartment itself.  Reviews are an extremely important factor in building your own Internet reputation.