9 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games


Although a lot of people – especially parents – think that video games are dangerous and can cause detrimental things to the health of their children, this is not entirely true. In fact, playing them can be extremely beneficial for a wide range of things, and it can help individuals deal with specific medical problems.

If you were wondering about what are some of the surprising benefits of playing video games from time to time, this article can help you a lot. The text below is going to feature a list of the 9 most beneficial things that this hobby can bring you. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

Source: Thriveworks

1. It Can Help With Decision Making Skills

You might not know that a couple of studies all concluded that individuals who frequently opt for engaging in video games are more than 20 percent faster at reacting to videos and/or photographs. If you ever played one that is fast-paced such as ‘The Hong Kong Massacre’, then you know that the most important things are your reflexes and observation capabilities.

Over a period of time, these two things actually come naturally to you, and in return, it will definitely improve the speed of how fast your brain can make certain decisions at certain times. Now, this does not mean the decision you need to make while competing, instead, it means that you can use it for real-life situations as well.

2. Say “Goodbye” to Stress And Anxiety

Did you ever come back home from a long and tiring day at work, ate dinner, and then sat down to enjoy your favorite video game for a few hours? How did it feel? Did all the anxiety and stress disappear? Well, it probably did. The research did prove that it can actually reduce anxiety and stress levels – which is perfect, especially if you have a stressful day.

Source: Healthing

3. Gamers Actually Become Better Surgeons

Now, this is a fact that usually blows people’s minds. Surgeons who enjoy spending their free time with their favorite games made more than 30 percent fewer mistakes in usual procedures. This study was done on individuals who specialize in making small incisions and that require small and delicate tools for the job.

4. Cognitive Functions Improve

You have probably heard about ‘Minecraft’. If not, you should know that it is a game that allows you to make your very own world by utilizing various materials that you need to gather from the environment. The only thing that can actually limit you is the free time you have and your imagination. This game is the perfect example of how this hobby can help you improve your cognitive functions, as well as unleash your creativity.

Source: Medical Xpress

5. They Do Not Harm Your Vision, They Improve it

All of our moms always tell us not to sit too close to the monitor or TV when we were younger, however, little do they know that it can actually help with improving it. The fast-paced franchises such as ‘Call of Duty’ can help you with your observation skill. For instance, you’ll notice the smallest movements, shadows, lines… everything that someone else might not notice.

Improving and extending your observation skills might even lead to vision improvements. Also, a study was conducted recently that states that after 10 weeks of constantly engage in games, individuals who played were able to distinguish a wide range of gray colors, as well as shades. Hence, their vision was better than individuals who do not play. If you want to see more information about the WoW BfA Visions boost, you can read more here.

6. It Can Help Those Suffering From Dyslexia

An individual who suffers from dyslexia has difficulties reading, as well as being attentive to anything. Researchers that are examining the effects of gaming in those suffering from this medical condition came to the conclusion that playing PC games frequently can actually help them with improving their attention.

Source: BetterHelp

7. Meeting New Friends

The stigmas around choosing this hobby often revolve around being too withdrawn from people or too overprotective about certain things. But, it is safe to say that this is completely untrue. In fact, a lot of people report that they have connected with other individuals all over the world by playing co-op matches.

To make things even better, some of them even state that they made long-lasting relationships and that they even visited the country the other individual is from. Heck, even one of my closest friends met his now-fiancee when they played WoW together – and it is worth mentioning that he is from Serbia and that she is from Brazil. Hence, instead of separating people, it can actually connect them.

8. Keeps You Mental Health Safe

To a lot of people all over the world, gaming actually helps them escape from their everyday life, as well as all the burdens that come with it. In a way, this fun and interesting hobby actually keep your mental state healthy. As mentioned, it can relieve anxiety and stress, but, it can also help individuals suffering from depressions.

In a lot of situations, especially ones that include the use of VR tech, doctors managed to help people suffering from chronic illnesses and pain. Additionally, it has helped a wide range of trauma patients to come to terms with their losses, injuries, as well as the condition they are currently in.

Source: The Motley Fool

9. You Can Allow Your Creativity And Imagination to Run Free

When you play games that are similar to ‘Stardew Valley’ or ‘Minecraft’ you’ll need to create your very own world by collecting resources around you. It does not really matter if you are playing a fantasy genre or a real-life simulation like ‘Sims’, your imagination will be able to run free, which in return can make you feel extremely good.


As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits that you can gain from playing video games. So, now that you know that it is actually beneficial and good for your health, you should not waste any more time. Instead, you can open your favorite game and start reaping all of the benefits right away!