Intranet For Small Business: What Should You Know?


Managing a business can be a really difficult job, especially if you have a lot of employees. Every owner is looking for a solution for that because the firm is going to suffer in the opposite. Having every employee on the same page is really important for their productivity and the progress of the tasks they are given. This is especially essential in these times where people have to work from their homes and the meetings are online so you have to think of options to share the materials required for the job.

In this article, we will talk about the intranet, what it actually is, and why small businesses should use it for their benefit.

What is an intranet?


This is a network that is used only for the needs of the business or internally. This means that you connect every employee on this network so you share the materials with them, give them instructions, hold meetings, and coordinating with everyone in general. It is basically a platform on the internet that is used especially for your business and nobody has access to it unless you allow it.

When we have seen what intranet actually is, it is time to see what are benefits of it and why every small business should implement it.

Sharing files


Since people tend more and more to work from their homes and not go to the office, sharing files might be a problem if it is not planned properly. Without the proper materials, people will not be able to work properly and will decrease their productivity since it is really frustrating to be focused and you have missing materials to finish the tasks.

As seen on AgilityPortal, with a platform/software like this one, you can attach everything your employees will need to work without obstructions.



It makes your employees work as efficiently as they should because they have everything they need for it, including the materials, tasks, and deadlines to follow. With a platform like this one, you can see their progress and you can arrange schedules so they can follow to make their work easier. Also, they can work better because they can share their files directly to the platform so everyone can see and do their part.



This is maybe the most important thing in your firm so your employees are coordinated with each other. If you have communication issues like information that are important for everyone to circle around from one person to another might bring up problems because the message changes every time. Also, with communication issues, your employees might gossip around and that can bring up conflicts that are not healthy for your firm. With platforms like this, you can arrange meetings where you will say everything they need to know so they can work properly. You can also post important information so they can read it.


Intranet is really a tool that every owner should implement in their business. People think that this should be only used in firms that have a lot of people working there for better coordination, but a small business can have those benefits as well. You can find software like this on the internet and you can try to see the results yourself.