Key Features of a Good Conference App


If you’re looking to host a conference, there are a few things you’ll need in order to make it a successful event. Below are some key features to consider when creating your conference app:


What to Look for in a Conference App?

A good conference app will have a variety of features to make your conference experience easier. Here are some key features to look for:

– An easy way to find and join events. The app should have a searchable database of events, with filters such as type of event (meeting, webinar, workshop), location (local, global), time range, and topic.

– Support for multiple chat rooms for discussion. Conference attendees can chat in real time during presentations or breakouts, or post questions for later discussion.

– A way to submit conference proposals and track their progress. The app should allow you to create a proposal, submit it to organizers, and track its progress. You should be able to view the status of all proposals at once, and if a proposal is accepted you should be able to join the event and start participating right away.

– A way to share conference materials with fellow attendees. The app should allow you to upload presentations, PDFs, images, or any other files you might want to share with your colleagues. You should also be able to print out materials at the office before the meeting starts!

– A way to manage your attendance and schedule. The app should allow you to see a list of upcoming events, add new events, and reassign events to other attendees. It should also allow you to view and manage your attendance record, including the number of presentations you’ve attended and the amount of time you’ve spent each day in conference.

How to Use a Conference App?

There are many conference apps available for use. These apps can be used to organize and manage your conference, communicate with other attendees, and access information about the conference. For example, a conference app builder offers a variety of features for conference organizers, such as the ability to create and manage conference agendas, track attendance, and post announcements.

Some popular conference apps include:

– Conference management platforms (CMPs) allow organizations to manage their conferences in a centralized location. These platforms provide tools for attendees to track their conference sessions, submit and review papers, and more.

– Communication tools allow attendees to communicate with each other in real time during the conference. This can be useful for coordinating meetings, sharing information, and more.

– Information resources can be used to research information about upcoming conferences. This can help attendees plan their conference presentations or find relevant research papers.


What Features Make a Good Conference App?

A good conference app should have features that make it easy to manage your schedule, communicate with other attendees, and track your progress. Some of the key features that make a good conference app include:

– A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

– A variety of features that allow you to manage your schedule and communicate with other attendees.

– The ability to track your progress and keep track of the talks you have attended.


A good conference app can make your conference experience easier and more productive. Look for features such as an easy search engine, multiple chat rooms for discussion, and a tracking system to ensure that all the important information is available at the fingertips of attendees.