Latest Innovations in the Laser Printing Industry in 2024


The printing is an everyday process in our lives and we can’t imagine having a regular day without books, newspapers and any other document printed on a paper. Today, 3D printing is one of the highest growing trends in digital technology, but we shouldn’t forget how the printing started and what was its basic function.

In the past, people needed to put the computer work on paper. That is how they invented the old printing machines. By the time everyone could have a computer at home, they realized that the printer is a necessary device too. Today, many different types of printers are available, including inkjet, thermal, laser printers and so on.

What is a laser printer and how it works?

Laser printing as a concept was first invented in 1969, by Xerox, after a few years on researching. This type of printers has a laser beam that projects the image of the page on an electrical cylinder. Next, this cylinder, using the photoconductivity of the laser waves, allows the powdered ink to “travel” to the paper and the image to be transferred. After this process ends, the machine warms the paper and fixes the ink.

First, only monochrome printers were manufactured and available on the market. Later, the color laser printing was invented, so today, the big companies use them for large formats, like signs and billboards.

Compared to the other types, laser printers are used for mass production and they are not messy, because the ink is dry when it comes out from the machine. The toner cartridges are more expensive than those used in inkjets. This can be a problem for your budget and you may need to maximize the savings using purchase services as Printermaxx and many other similar platforms.

Source: Web2Print Solutions

Here are some of the recent trends in the laser printing industry for this year:

Cloud-ready printing

The last generations of laser multifunction printers let you access the cloud services and to print the document that is stored there. Using this feature, you don’t have to download the document, to save it on your desktop and print it from there.

Mobile ready devices

You can connect your smartphone to a laser printing device and you can print the document even if you are far away from the machine. This is a useful and helpful feature that is similar to the old fax-machines. And what is the best, everyone can receive the copy immediately, without having to wait a few minutes so the machine can finish the printing process.


Xerox is popular because of the printing devices and it was expected that they will include more innovations to their machines. One of the best features that laser printers can offer to the user, is the translation service. Xerox invented the Easy Translator Service that allows you to translate the document in one of the 38 languages available. The translation may not be perfect, but this option is good if you have to send the document in other countries.

Source: Brother

Setting the priorities

In big offices, printers can often be crowded, and one employee can’t print the necessary document, because someone else prints something less important. If you work in an office, you know that sometimes you need some print urgently, but someone else has some problems finishing their job. Modern printers can allow you to skip those tasks and get your copy right on time.

Altering between monochromatic and color printing

Inkjets are expensive and sometimes it’s better to print the document in black and white, even if the original work is colored. Also, very often, someone uses office printers to print private jobs and photos, and when someone else needs the color, they can’t finish the printing. One of the newest technologies allows you to manually set color printing permissions, depending on the type of the document. So, you can forbid ignorant people to print private documents in color pages.

Remote help

Not so long ago, if you had a problem with your printer, you needed to ask for a service and to wait for the technician to come and to see what happens, and pray for your device to be fixed the same day. But now, in the modern days of the technology and innovations, you can get a remote service and intervention from your desk. If there is a hardware problem, then you need the physical presence of an expert. Until then, everything can be fixed without leaving your seat, remotely.

Some of these innovations may look silly or useless, but we assure you that they solve big problems that were registered in the past. Both the companies and the individual users may need more time to adapt to the technology changes, but as soon they embrace them, they will see how it eases the work process.

The printing, by itself, it’s nothing new in the world of computers and office works. We need it every day and we need it so much. Think about how many print works have you touched these days? Books, newspapers, documents, brochures, catalogs, magazines and many other paper copies.

Source: Canon Europe

We have the option to read eBooks or to receive the bills via email, but many people in the world believe that there is nothing better than a paper in your hand. Big companies also use professional laser printing machines, especially those in the marketing business, so they can print pamphlets and brochures. Can you imagine a world without books, wedding invitations, newspapers or printed materials? Wherever how fast we adapt to the new technology, many people will choose the good old paper instead of files and clouds.

The printing industry won’t stop working until there is enough interest in printed materials of every type. For younger people, it may look like old school choice, but older generations still believe that everything put on a paper has greater worth than the computer files. And, while they are still here, the printing companies have their future guaranteed. That is why printer manufacturers should include the new technological inventions in their devices, so printing can be an easier task even for those who have problems using the machines.