Metaverse – Big Conspiracy or New Technology? Lado Okhotnikov Knows the Answer


If you were in crypto in December 2020 then you should remember that SAND was worth somewhere around 2 or 3 cents. Buying this $100 coin at the time and then selling it at the all-time high would have earned $23,857.

But the thing is that it was the year of the Metaverse. Everything was related to game coins, and virtual reality was on the hype. All activity and interest is concentrated in this sector. Then there was the “summer” season of DeFi, and now everything is directed to artificial intelligence.

Can the Metaverse get the same attention again as it did two years ago?

Sandbox Game – The Sandbox


What future do they want to show us? Billionaires, Gates, Bezos, Musk and Zuckerberg are building a new kind of capitalism. The idea of virtual reality is both the epitome of a disturbing turn in history and an attempt to divert attention from it.

Modern tech moguls claim they represent a new sci-fi future. But the fantasy they refer to was anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. Now we need a new one.

Where did the talk about virtual reality come from then? Simple fantasies or implementation of plans?

Let’s remember that for the first time they started talking about the “metaverse” in the literary work “The Simulacrum”. After, in 1992, the novel “Snow Deck” was published which described the creation of a computer simulation of reality. Even in ancient Greek mythology, a kind of parallel reality was endowed with the concept of “metacosmos”.

There has been significant progress since the Metaverse reached its peak. If before people just bought blocks on OpenSea, now they already take part in events and know what they want. In addition, users create their own NFTs, avatars, build entire worlds and gain gaming experience.

According to the roadmap The Sandbox plans to announce a new feature – selling on their lands. In the fourth quarter it will be possible to create new locations and build houses for rent on them and by the end of 2024, users will be allowed to place all this on premium sites.

Many do not even suspect that The Sandbox currently offers such functionality. With VoxEditor you can create your own NFTs and then sell them on the market.

Few NFT projects provide a tool to create 3D models or animations so you can bring your ideas to life and sell them on the blockchain. And as for the editor – it’s even cooler! It’s easy to use and you don’t need to know programming to create the gaming experience you want.

Litigation: SEC vs. Everyone?

Recently Sebastian Borge, Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox, was asked about claims made by the SEC. Recall that the SEC filed a lawsuit against several large crypto projects at once, in which the SAND token also appears.

Sebastian noted the irresponsible approach of the regulatory authorities and continued the topic:

“The Sandbox was named in the lawsuit, but the project team has little regard for this matter.Instead of directly intervening, like they did with XRP, they are trying to get everyone involved and lump them into one basket.They wanted to do the same with Coinbase for insider trading, listing eight or nine coins in this lawsuit.But then the tokens were excluded from consideration when the case was resolved.The tactic that the SEC had used before that didn’t work.”

And by the way, The Sandbox has reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia. This cooperation directly links one of the largest pro-cryptocurrency countries with the “sandbox”, which only confirms the status. In addition to this, the project was voted the best in the Metaverse at this year’s Gamer Election ceremony.

The Sandbox raised over $90 million at the start and has a capitalizationof about 870 million. This project is one of the most developed at the moment. There may be as few as 166,000 unique parcels of land in it, and someone even paid $450,000 to be near American rapper Snoop Dogg’s property.

Only Meta Force can boast of such achievements. Only in the first year of operation, the audience of the project amounted to more than a million participants, and their total income exceeded $1.35 billion.

A Solution Appeared – Lado Okhotnikov About Competition


Microsoft and Facebook have announced the creation of a digital Metacosmos and virtual 3D reality. Both companies announced plans: in the next 10 years take more than one billion people into the Metaverse by replacing the access interfaces to their central products from smartphones with special glasses.

Bill Gates plans to create a quantum supercomputer by 2032:

“Quantum supercomputers have enormous potential for solving complex problems that are currently beyond the capabilities of the most powerful classical supercomputers. Through the use of quantum phenomena, in particular superpositions and entanglements, next-generation computers will be able to process huge amounts of data and solve optimization and cryptographic problems.”

Indeed, there is a need for supercomputers that can process a huge amount of data. If we talk about the Metaverse, then colossal resources are needed to maintain its work. Therefore, the one who first finds and applies the solution will be able to dictate the rules in Metaworld.

Lado Okhotnikov is confident that his team can make a breakthrough in virtual reality:

“The image of the future presented may seem like a logical continuation of the development of the digital world and I will mark the beginning of a big redistribution in this market.Usually proven and effective methods are used to attract an audience.Many people think that it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel when there are already ready-made cases.However, long-term construction requires innovations that will remain relevant for many years.

Continuing the topic Lado Okhotnikov drew attention to passive income:

“There are many temptations. Developers are often tempted to use simple algorithms.But simplicity also has the other side of the coin – it must be economically justified, otherwise the project will quickly lose interest.It is necessary to remain attentive and offer your community only what will be justified in the future.”

One of the challenges is how to encourage people who come earlier without depriving those who come later. This is a dilemma that is often overlooked in other projects.

About NFT

Take, for example, the idea of an NFT with payouts to the first buyer on each subsequent resale. At first glance, it sounds tempting, but in fact it deprives the subsequent buyer of any privileges. There is no motivation to buy a token with an already completed resale, when you can be the first and receive dividends.

“We are constantly looking for and creating unique cases that stimulate demand.There is one idea with NFT: the earlier the participant bought, the more profitable it will be for him.But in doing so, followers will benefit.This is how our system works to maintain and increase demand,” summed up the thought of the founder of Meta Force.

The question of passive income and how it is provided can be answered as follows: profit, although not guaranteed, is possible and is provided through a binary plan. The main program of the platform is aimed specifically at the earnings of participants.

The platform development is based on its own coin Forcecoine. The tokenomics is very well developed – during the pre-sale period, the rate will rise and in the future the cost will continue to rise due to the limited emission and the programmed automatic burning of the token.

On marketing


Most people are already aware of the changes, so you can not fully control the entire marketing process. Everyone wants to press the button “urgent”, “faster”, “now”. But investing does not tolerate haste; it does not lead to the desired result.

“We have provided some information in advance about the classic model and some have already been given about BOOST.Regarding staking: it will start a little later when the pre-sale ends and there will be a chance to earn on the open market,” Lado about plans for the near future.

When the rest find out about the possibilities of the platform, it will cause a currency shortage. Do you know how scarcity affects the price?

In General About the Situation on the Metaverse Market

In the Metaverse they promise to reproduce the physical world and lure us into it, talking about sensations that were not there before. The creators of the idea say that in it we can do almost everything – gather with friends and families, work, study, play, shop, create, and also get completely new experiences. There you can become anyone.

Admittedly, some nuances remain unaccounted for: the lack of computing power, which will control this world and the availability of gadgets, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But this does not mean that we should resist technology. This new world for us can be exciting and rewarding, but the process in it must go in tandem with reality, not replace it.

A logical question arises: why are the good and the great in such a hurry? Has the optimal moment for the great redivision in the course of the great reset already arrived? Against the backdrop of insane hype it is difficult to separate promising projects from “soap bubbles”. There is so much information around on this topic that is why it is difficult for an unprepared person to figure out what is what. All of this is worth thinking about.