Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Cloud Servers – 2024 Guide


Nowadays, the use of a cloud server is quite common. Every crucial data is stored on the cloud, and many business operations also take place. But sometimes, we make silly mistakes while using these servers, which should be avoided. We will not only lose our data but also get restricted to other features. It is necessary to have in-depth knowledge about cloud computing and how one can do it effectively without making any mistakes.

In the following article, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that many people make while using the cloud server. You must follow specific tips to avoid future problems, which can arise through these mistakes. The primary goal of your business must be security, and one can afford to breach it. With the help of Serverspace, you can know everything about the data storage and how you can access it properly.

Remember that you need to take advantage of every feature you are getting on the webserver. Therefore, gain more knowledge about the platform and get the best solutions from it. These mistakes will diffuse the hope of getting all the benefits. Let us check out those faults in detail.

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1. Not Recognizing the Shared Responsibility Model on Cloud

Everyone is concerned about the security of their data stored on the server. You need to understand what your provider is offering. While signing for the agreement, you must check the availability of the Shared Responsibility Model. Everything about the security facility will be mentioned in the agreement.

You need to consider this matter if you want to keep your data secure and safe. If you find that your provider is not offering enough security, then you should leave and switch to another one. It is one of the biggest concerns for many individuals and company owners.

2. Not Considering the Exact Location of the Data Storage

When we start using a cloud server, we forget to know where we are storing our data. We are keeping on saving the information without any clue. It is completely dangerous for our company’s image because anyone can access it. These servers can be located in any part of the globe, and we should ask the location from the provider. Sometimes, we get difficulty in accessing our data.

If the support team ask the stored location and we do not know it, then they will be unable to help us. It is necessary to avoid this mistake to protect your crucial information. In this way, you will also know else is accessing your data.

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3. Moving All the Data Together

Nowadays, every company is moving its crucial data on the cloud. But it can be harmful if you do it all at once. Anytime when you lose your internet connection, the entire transfer fails or few data is copied. If you move again, then it may form copies, which will only quickly fill the storage space.

Therefore, it is recommendable not to transfer the entire data at once. Instead, you can make small folders and send them. In this way, you will maintain the records as well as successfully migrate all the information with ease.  

4. Avoiding Advantages of Multi-cloud and Hybrid Deployments

Nowadays, it is found that many server providers are offering facilities of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. It helps many businesses to prevent vendor lock-in and allows you to take all the advantages of cloud security.

Many people are unaware of this feature, and hence, they ignore it. You must not avoid such advantages and use its features as much as you can. These environments are beneficial for our businesses to safeguard crucial data. It helps in protecting the reputation of our companies.

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5. Improper Configuration of Data While Moving

Every cloud server has different rules and settings for configuration. Different types of files and environments help in migrating our company’s data into the cloud. Sometimes, we do not test the components to ensure whether everything is going smoothly by the configurations.

If you have any doubts, then it is better to ask the provider for the correct configurations. It will set your account in such a way that you can easily access everything. In this way, you will also check whether your account is properly working or not.

6. Unnecessary Migrating Your Work Flow into Cloud

If you are running a business, it does not mean that you will keep everything on the server. You must not make the mistake of uploading all the old data. Instead, you can migrate your new records and maintain new files. But if you have something vital, then you can keep it for sure. If you move your old data, then you will not get enough space to upload a new one.

You need to use the storage space efficiently so that it does not affect your workflow. Make sure that you handle all your records carefully without considering any loss. You must decide whether you should migrate specific data or not.  

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7. Unable to Delete Unnecessary Data

Have you ever checked your deleted data again to ensure whether it is permanently removed or not? Well, in most of the cases, the information is not erased correctly from the account. If it remains in your account, then you won’t be able to upload new data because the storage space is already filled.

You must make sure that the entire data you have removed is successfully deleted. If you have any doubt, then you must ask from the customer team to provide essential support. Never make this mistake of not checking the deleted information.

The Bottom Line

Many individuals or company owners make a simple mistake while using cloud servers, which should be avoided. No one can afford data loss or theft in any case. Therefore, security is the primary concern for all.

We usually keep our records on the cloud to access them online, and it is hard to lose. But making faults as mentioned earlier can lead us to data loss. Therefore, consider those things and keep security as your priority.