6 Things You Need to Have in Your Modern Smart Home


We have all seen just how far technology has come these past two or three decades. We have seen these advancements in almost every industry around the world. Vehicles have become much more efficient and faster, planes are safer, computers can handle all kinds of tasks and mathematical problems and phones have become at least 10 times smaller and better. Just 20 years ago a mobile phone could not fit in a person’s pocket, today you could probably fit for falls in your pants. It really is amazing just how far humanity has come.

This advanced technology can be noticed in people’s homes too. For example, a lot of modern houses today are equipped with surveillance cameras, automatic garage doors, keypad front door locks, and all kinds of other stuff. But, the technology does not stop there, there are so many things you could add to your home to make it more futuristic and to increase its functionality.

Many people refer to this as a smart home. You are probably aware of the term “smart” because you heard people using it when talking about smartphones, smart TVs, etc.

So, if you do want to turn your home into the smart one, here are some of the best things you could purchase for that exact purpose.

1. Smart lock

Source: PCMag

One of the first things you need to get to make your home modernistic is a smart lock. You’ll probably find hundreds or maybe even thousands of different brands that manufacture these kinds of products. Many of them come filled with tons of features that you will find useful.

Some come equipped with a camera that allows you to check who is at your front door through your cell phone. Others have the ability to unlock and lock with just a press of a button. Imagine this scenario, you’re in the kitchen in your hands are dirty and you hear someone ringing at your door. What do you do? Do you leave the food cooking, wash your hands and then go open the door or would you prefer to press a single button on your phone to unlock that same door? Yes, that’s right, it is that easy.

All you will need to set this up is just a Wi-Fi connection and that’s about it.

2. Lighting

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Everyone has lighting in their own home, so you’re probably wondering why am I mentioning this in this article. Well, I’m not talking about any kind of lighting. And talking about something that you will have complete control of no matter where you are. Whether you are grocery shopping, at your friend’s place, or maybe even in a different country, with the right lighting you’ll be able to connect it wherever you are. All you will need is a smartphone and Internet connectivity in your house.

There are tons of options for this kind of smart lighting that you can get for pretty cheap. For example Phillips as a great wireless lighting system is called Hue. With the press of a button you can turn lights on or off or maybe even change the colors of said lights. It is crazy to think that you have such control over your home with that small device in your pocket.

3. Swimming pool

Source: Pool Guide

I probably got you confused again, right? Spoonful is not some new kind of technology, people have had pools even since ancient times. Yes, that is right but did they have fiberglass pools that are equipped with modern filtration systems, heating, colorful lighting, etc.? No, they didn’t. This is what all those technological advancements have brought us in our lives.

Just imagine driving at home late at night while it is a bit chilly outside. You fire upon application on your phone and start the heating system inside of your fiberglass pool. You get home, you park, you put on your swimming outfit and you get in the pool that has the perfect water temperature. Just the idea of it sounds so futuristic and something so unimaginable.

So, if you truly want to make your home modern and smart I would definitely recommend getting out fiberglass pool with all the modern technologies you can find. If you have trouble finding a pool equipped with all those crazy gadgets, you should check out localpools.com.au.

4. Amazon Echo or Google Home

Source: PCMag

These hands-free speakers that you can control with your voice are a must-have for every smart home. It does not have to be the Amazon Echo or Google Home, you could use any of the other speakers that have the same function which you can find in the market. Today, you could probably find dozens of those same speakers for a much cheaper price that work almost the same as Amazon’s or Google’s product.

The reason why you need this kind of device set up in your house is because it allows you to access everything that is smart. Sure, you can always use your phone to control all of the devices in your house, but the speakers are always online and you can use them at any time. You won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket and waste battery because all you need to do is call out the speaker’s name. It really is quite simple.

5. Smart TV

Source: Currys TechTalk – Currys PC World

To truly complete the smart set up in your house, you will definitely need a smart TV. This is the device that you use on a daily basis which will be able to provide you with any kind of content that you want. With its ability to connect to the Internet, you will be able to watch anything you want with it. It will have access to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, phone games, and even a browser. What is even more amazing about this kind of TV is the fact that you will be able to control it through Amazon Echo or whichever speaker you decided to buy.

6. Soundbars

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Soundbars are the perfect pair for Smart TVs, as they can give you a full cinematic experience right inside your own home. The latest soundbar models like the ones listed on this page have a 5.1 surround sound system coupled with other latest audio technology features such as Dolby Digital, WiFi connectivity and compatibility with voice assistants. With a voice command or a few presses on your smartphone, you can enjoy your own home theatre with these sound bar devices.

There are hundreds of other devices that you could consider purchasing, but I believe that these five things we mentioned are the most important ones.