4 Most Common Usage of Grommets in Tech


The use of rubber grommets has become much higher these last couple of years and there is a good reason why that is happening. Here is the exact reason why.

Today, most tech products that are manufactured tend to last a lot longer and are a bit more durable than what we were used to in the past. This is especially true for a small and compact device. However, other industries have also started producing a higher quality of products. We have seen a lot of improvement in the automotive, airplane, home appliances, and many other industries that we use on a daily basis.

One of the biggest reasons why this change of quality happened is because many companies started investing in and using higher quality materials for smaller parts. These smaller parts that are part of your car, your washing or your phone might seem insignificant, but they actually have a huge role in keeping the product in one piece. This is especially true for rubber grommets.

These little rubber pieces can come in any kind of shape or size and they can be used for almost anything. You probably didn’t even know this, but these little rings are probably everywhere around you.

Make sure you keep reading if you are interested in all the uses of grommets in modern tech.

Rubber Grommets Characteristics

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One of the main reasons why manufacturers have found such good use of these small parts is because they are rich with all kinds of characteristics. Considering their durability, it does not make sense not to implement them in a product that is supposed to last for several years.

The biggest selling point of these items is just how resistant they are to almost everything.

  • Water resistance

Just ten years ago, the idea of a smartphone that would be resistant several feet underwater was unimaginable. It was something like out of a sci-fi movie. Fast forward a couple of years later and water-resistant phones are now everywhere. Thanks to rubber grommets and everything related to them, we are able to create products that are much more resistant to water.

  • Weather resistance

These little rubbers are weather-resistant too. Strong winds, heavy rain, a lot of snow, or whichever extreme type of weather it is, they can handle it. Most wiring that is exposed to the outside usually has a couple of grommets for protection.

  • Durability

When you take one of these little rubbers in your hand, it feels like you could tear it with your fingers or that it will break in two if you pinch it. That is far from the truth. They are so durable that you would even have a problem cutting it with a box cutter.

Many products that are made out of rubber usually have one problem and that is drying out. Ultraviolet radiation, heat, cold, and oxidation contribute a lot to the degeneration of rubber which is why it starts to dry. The dryer it becomes, the more fragile it is. Fortunately, most grommets do not face this problem because they are much more resistant to UV, heat, and cold.

Popular uses in Tech

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Since most companies around the world have realized the potential of grommets, they have started implementing it in all kinds of devices. If you are in need of grommets and you want to use them in your product, you should click here.

Cable and wiring protection

One of the most common uses for these little rubber parts is in wiring and cables. The wires you see on a daily basis that is used for your computer, your fridge, and most electronic devices in your home are probably equipped with a couple of grommets to protect those wires from heat, chemicals, or maybe even corrosion.

These little rubbery parts are usually placed when a cable needs to be threaded to some small hole that could damage the copper inside of it. This kind of protection will make sure that the copper wires do not get torn or broken while moving the cable around. If some of the copper wires were to break inside of the cable, there could be further damage caused to the electrical device they are connected to. The resistivity of cooper

Vehicles and Engines

Another reason why grommets are so important in our everyday lives is because they are used in almost every car in these last two or three decades. They help close off any holes that can usually be found anywhere on the vehicles chasing. By plugging those holes, the vehicle’s sound and weather isolation will be improved. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that will drip when it rains, right?

They are also quite useful when it comes to building vehicle engines too. They can be used to completely seal some parts of the engine to ensure that everything is properly isolated from any external influences. Even a small amount of water inside of the engine’s cylinders could permanently damage it. With grommets, all of those small holes can be permanently closed and they will probably last as long as the engine.

This is the main reason why you do not have to worry about keeping your car in a garage because it is snowing or raining.

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Home appliances

Grommets are also heavily used in all kinds of home appliances. For example, washing machines have tons of electrical equipment inside of them, but they also have to be properly protected in case of a water leak. Water can permanently destroy the washing machine’s motherboard.

Fortunately, with enough of these little rubber parts, there won’t be any water going through and getting to that motherboard.

Vibration dampener

Since grommets are made out of high-quality rubber, they can absorb a lot of vibration. Many manufacturers around the world use them to dampen the vibration of their products. By putting one grommet on a screw, the amount of vibration will be considerably reduced.

These little parts of rubber have tons of other uses in the manufacturing world, but what we mentioned above is their most common usage.