5 Most Preeminent Video Maker Software


Intros to everything is a must. Especially when it comes to making someone aware of someone or something. We all have heard that First Impression is the Last Impression. Then it might as well be for your Videos too!

To get started from scratch, you require the best Youtube Intro Maker for your videos and we are lucky to have some of the best ones at our ease. A Youtube Intro Maker is nothing but a small description of your video, visually before the video plays. The Intro decides as to what kind of video the audience will be watching or which genre they are catering to, for example-Funny, kind of serious, etc. It also decides for the viewers to further watch the whole video or just end it half way or maybe not watch at all. Therefore a good intro to your video is just as necessary as the rest of your video for your whole work to make it worth watching. You can check invideo.io for more details. Having a bad intro or no intro at all can have the viewers click away. The first fifteen seconds of your video is the most important. Giving an idea or just a gist about your work to the audience is indeed imperative.

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Some Better Tips Before You Start Making Your Video Intro

Brief– As discussed earlier, an intro to the video is mandatory, thus one should keep it short and to the point so that much of the viewer’s time isn’t wasted on the former part.

Time Saving-First fifteen seconds of the video are considered the most important despite that the intro shall not be longer than ten seconds.

Relevance-As a matter of fact, Relevance also comes in the picture and so linking your intro to the idea of the main subject is crucial. Without relevance, the work goes vain.

Outlook-Always explain your video beforehand. It should not seem boring therefore make it engaging, appealing and eye catching by using different angles to the video.

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Steps on Creating a Step by Step Youtube Intro

1. Import the Video

Step One in the process of making a Youtube Intro is Importing your video to your preferred tool for editing and other purposes.

2. Make an Intro

After Importing your video to the tool you chose, start making an intro as per your choice but make sure the logos, background, effects, etc match up to the central idea of your Video.

You can even add relevant texts, music and font to the Intro. Sample intros are always provided in each of the tools.

3. Export the Video

After you finish giving a final touch to your Intro, click on the Export option given in the toolbar. You can directly post it up on your preferred platform and keep getting likes by sharing it as much as you can!

How could you make an Intro without using a tool for the same? Here is what we have to your rescue. Just as we have different social media platforms to post up our work and edit it before doing it, an intro too requires different platforms to make it look captivating. Fortunately, we do have many and some of the best tools to make our Intros look interesting.

Top 5 Youtube Intro Makers


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Panzoid is open to all its users and is being used by various people. It gives the user the option to be helped and make your intro better. A member of the same helps you to make your intro by giving a basic idea about it.

2. LightMV

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It helps you create the best videos for different situations in the areas of work or even your personal life. Unlike other tools, LightMV can be used for free and serves very helpful for the users.

3. Flixpress

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This is the most used and even defined as a favoured site to create your YouTube Intros. A special feature of this platform is that one can add their own text as per their preference on an already existing video template. A good amount of animated intros are made available to the users at a cheaper rate and sometimes even for free. Adding your own text gives the user the freedom to make their intros as per their wish and will.


Source: CreaOSS

Standing on the 4th position of the top YouTube Intro Makers, it can be used for free by the users. It is an open-source 3D graphics toolset. One of the best elements of Blender is its Modelling tools. It also provides a lot many other functions and features which makes it different and usable for the users.


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Velosofy is a free platform for users looking for free graphics. It offers various types and kinds of templates for building your Intro. It is open for people to register and publish their free templates.

Other Tools Which Are Also Being Used by the Users Frequently

Among these tools listed above, we found that most of them can be utilised for free. However, there are a lot more tools to make your Intro look better, different and unique from the others in all possible ways. To name a few, they are:

IntroMaker– Contains many amusing animated intros, own text can also be added and costs some amount for the Intro with some free options as well.

IntroChamp– It costs about $4-5 to make a High Definition Intro at this tool. They offer a good range for selecting your template and texts and graphics to be included.

Animaker– It proves really convenient for the users if one wants to make their video into an animated style. You can also include your logo after importing to give it a finished look! One could even add Music to make it look more engaging.

Fiverr, Motionden, Videobolt, Introcave, Tube Arsenal and many more tools are provided for the best result of your work and for it to give the best outcome.

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We have understood by now how important it is for one to make a good Intro for your videos so that it would reach the masses. With this, we reach to the conclusion that making a good YouTube Intro should be so worth it for the users and viewers that the video pays off to all the hard work one has put in. Testing and Using different tools for your Intro and adding your own logos and text makes the work a lot more interesting.

Do let us know about your most favoured Toolsuite for your Intros!