Why do I Need an ID to Play Online Bingo?


The old style of bingo was to let the whole family play, everybody from the grandkids to the aunties to the dogs were down the bingo hall buying their batch of tickets and daubing in the numbers that roll gracefully from the tombolo.

Although the olden days were nostalgic and fun, it might not have been the best idea for kids to be betting, but age verification on online bingo isn’t the only reason that you need I.D. to play, and it turns out that it is actually imperative to your safety that you show I.D. when playing on free spins no deposit bingo sites.

Is it Necessary that you Show ID when Playing Online Bingo?

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We know it is a little bit of a pain in the bum, searching the house for that old driving license or passport just to prove that you can play such an easy game as bingo.

We do not want you getting annoyed when you are reaching down the back of the sofa for various cards in the hope of a valid I.D., so take a look at the list bellow of why you need I.D. to play online bingo:

  1. Age verification – We know the old mentality must have been start ‘em young, but we thank that you can all agree that gambling in children is not the best of ideas. So, one of the main reasons you have to display I.D. is so that you can simply prove you are old enough.
  2. Personal identification – What is worse than not scoring the jackpot? Well, somebody stealing your details might be. A vital reason to show your I.D. is so that whoever is using your details and potentially paying with your card is actually you. We cannot have somebody pretending to be you, stealing your wins, your money, and your identity.
  3. Location – This is the boring bit, but sometimes online bingo sites need to know (for tax reasons) that you are playing from the United Kingdom, or whichever country you are playing your online bingo games in.

Do not worry however, sending in your identification is a normal procedure done by all trusted casino websites to ensure safety and age verification, if the bingo site is not asking for proof of identification then you should be more concerned about your online safety.

What to do if a Bingo Website Asks for your I.D.

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A bingo site asking for your I.D. is a completely normal procedure that all trusted bingo and casino sites should follow. The ordeal does not take long at all and verification is usually achieved in the same day, so you can get straight back to winning those jackpots again.

If you do not trust the website because of its licensing or general demeanor, then most certainly avoid giving it any of your personal details including identification, this way you can ensure that you are safe while playing online bingo!