World of Warships: Overview of the US Battleship Branch – 2021 Guide


Massively Multiplayer Online Games, better known as MMO, are unlikely to surprise players with a variety of gameplay. Besides, an MMO game may have a shooter genre, but then the player is faced with some RPG elements (e.g., character development). As a result, genre boundaries are blurred, and an experienced MMO player can notice the same elements from game to game.

There is no need to be surprised or think that the creators are not original. The whole point of an MMO game is to create equally favorable factors for players worldwide because all game interaction is tied to the Internet and team play.

Unlike gameplay, the theme of MMO games is much more varied. Everyone can find something to their liking, ranging from classic fantasy worlds to historical pieces within a plot. The game World of Warships is a great example of the latter.

Since its announcement in 2011, and Lesta Studio worked on the game for another four years and released it in 2015. Here, the common denominator and connecting link in the plot is the First and Second World War as the historical setting. Under the auspices of this information, the creators introduced naval powers and ships of various classes for multiplayer team battles.

In late autumn and December 2020, and Lesta Studio prepared a major update for players. The update included:

  • Organizational changes (like the system of ranked matches).
  • Cosmetic changes (timed to the New Year and Christmas).
  • Some game changes.

The latter, for example, includes three new ships from the US Battleship branch. Previously, they were only available to those who got access to the game’s test version.

In Heaven, That’s All They Talk About – The Ocean and World of Warships ©

Like any multiplayer game tied to team battles, World of Warships has a common resemblance to its brethren. Here one can see the classes of game units that counterattack others or are completely helpless in front of the third. The players can also try their hand at various modes, practice in a special training mode, and engage in battle with people or bots.

The review of the game itself will take quite a long time, so we advise players who have not played this game yet to read World of Warships Review by Insider.Games before continuing. The information a player can find below focuses mostly on World of Warships ships, namely the US Battleship branch and three recent ships:

  • VIII Kansas
  • IX Minnesota
  • X Vermont

What one needs to know about the US Battleship branch

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Key Features

First of all, it is worth noting that the players can compile more detailed information about this branch based on their personal experience. Below one can see the most basic moments that are crucial to remember:

  1. American battleships have a large number of main battery guns. They will delight the players with the firing range and volley damage. However, the main disadvantage of balance is the long reload time.
  2. These battleships are superior to other nations in terms of their agility. The balancing minus is their low speed.
  3. American battleships have good torpedo protection. But the recently added VIII Kansas and IX Minnesota are not very well protected.


Understanding how best to win with the battleships of this nation will come with time and practice. However, there are some basic tips to keep in mind for all players looking to win and team play. Memorize carefully:

  • Since American battleships are the best at long range fire, it is worth keeping them more than 15 km away from enemy units.
  • It is crucial to remember the low speed of this class. Yes, they have excellent maneuverability, but their speed can create a dire situation. Therefore, at the beginning of the battle, one needs to choose a position due to which the battleship will be able to change the direction of attack or evade enemy fire.
  • One should remember that the reload time of some battleships depends on the attack range. The longer the attack range, the longer one has to wait for reloading. Therefore, each volley against the enemy must be prepared carefully.
  • Considering the peculiarities of the class for the US branch, one should avoid approaching enemy ships. This is especially true for the new ships like VIII Kansas and IX Minnesota, which, in addition to poor maneuverability, also have a long reload time and not very good protection.

Welcome new battleships that have landed recently

The new battleships received the best and perhaps the worst of their class to be balanced. For example, the high attack range affects the reload time, and the high maneuverability is compensated by the low speed. At the same time, do not forget that these ships can become deadly in good hands despite their shortcomings.

Let’s briefly review the newcomers.

VIII Kansas

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This battleship is the “father” of battleships built after the First World War. It can be called the pinnacle of standard battleship development, the ones that have already been introduced into the game.

VIII Kansas is characterized by:

  • making three shots in two minutes (40 seconds recharge);
  • main caliber 180° turning in 45 s;
  • 20.6 km being the maximum attack range;
  • 11 800 is the maximum AP shell damage
  • 23 knots being the maximum speed;
  • having a good disguise (is visible from 16.56 km for ships and 13.46 km for aircraft).

IX Minnesota

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This is a ship that was created in the interwar years and underwent significant modernization in 1940. Received an increase in torpedo protection but is still susceptible to such type of damage.

IX Minnesota is characterized by:

  • making three shots in two minutes (40 seconds recharge);
  • main caliber 180° turning in 45 s;
  • 21.18 km being the maximum attack range;
  • 12 800 is the maximum AP shell damage
  • 23 knots being the maximum speed;
  • having a good disguise (is visible from 17.54 km for ships and 13.38 km for aircraft).

X Vermont

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This is a very powerful but rather slow ship, which will be a good addition for the player who knows how to handle the battleship class.

X Vermont is characterized by:

  • making three shots in two minutes (40 seconds recharge);
  • main caliber 180° turning in 45 s;
  • 24.5 km being the maximum attack range;
  • 15 750 is the maximum AP shell damage
  • 23 knots being the maximum speed;
  • having a good disguise (is visible from 18.02 km for ships and 15.29 km for aircraft).

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