Top 7 Potentially Profitable Digital Currencies in 2024


Cryptocurrency is at its peak and you might end up making a nice profit in 2024. Do you feel the need to make money at the comfort of your home and during a lockdown, or maybe you want a side job next to your regular one? How about you give digital currencies a go? Do you want to know what digital currencies are worth investing your money in the next couple of months? If so, keep on reading and find out what cryptocurrencies are best to invest in till the end of the year, as well as in 2024!

What to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency

Before you begin your journey make sure not to pay attention only to the current rate of cryptocurrencies. As you know by now, their index is most volatile and it can change in just a few weeks. If you want a bit of help when it comes to making money with Bitcoin, visit Bitcoinsouthafricansystem since they will explain the process to you + will help you make money in just a couple of days!

Now, when choosing your cryptocurrency, make sure that you watch out for the following factors:

  • Market capitalization – High market caps will give you a larger volume of cryptocurrencies, so always keep an eye out for these
  • Liquidity level – the higher it is, the faster you can sell it at the market price and make a decent profit
  • Always diversify your investments – you should never invest money in one asset only
  • Do not trust one source of data – the more the merrier in this case, so use chats, forums, brokers, analysis, etc
  • Listen, learn & observe – growing is fundamental for every business, and you should always strive for the best experience, as well as the best source of media/teacher

Top 7 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024 that you should test out

1. Bitcoin

Source: CoinDesk

The biggest and most talked-about cryptocurrency ever is an amazing way and an attempt for most people to make money. Bitcoin will likely bring back the dominance up to 65-70% compared to other altcoins. Because of this, it has the potential to become the best cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization. You can also invest small and insignificant money amounts when buying Bitcoin. Something like 2$ won’t make a huge difference, especially for beginners and newbies in this crypto world.

2. Ethereum

Source: Investopedia

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a bit different since it is based on smart contracts that are used by different projects. Its currency can increase because of the demand in the blockchain. When it comes to this cryptocurrency it is important to emphasize its rapid implementation of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. This is a second-generation currency, and the manufacturers plan on creating Etherum 2.0 in 2024, which will definitely gain visitors and will help you make a profit.

3. NEO


The NEO project is a bit different since it breaks many stereotypes. The most talked-about one is the fact that this is the first open-source token originated from China. It can easily transform traditional financial systems thanks to its trading mechanism. This chain has been around since 2014, and it has a marker cap rank at the twentieth place, which is pretty good and another reason why you should give it a go in 2024.

4. EOS

Source: Trijo News

Chinese experts believe that EOS has amazing potential when it comes to making a profit in 2024, as well as in 2024. EOS system is free of any Ethereum problems + it has scalability which is ready to replace other competitive blockchains. EOS can even level up to 100 USD per token. This is another next-generation crypto that has been around since 2018 The price of EOS has significantly increased (around 15 times) to its original price and is still thriving!

5. Chainlink (Link)

Source: The Daily Chain

Chainlink (LINK) has been around since 2017 and it originated in the USA. These crypto coins have great potential and they are different data providers than other smart blockchain technology. LINK will allow its operators to earn tokens, and some huge companies such as Dapps Inc, Google Cloud, ETHA, ConsenSys believe that there is a great potential. The price (January 28, 2024) is $2,62. The market cap is $917 350 826.

6. Basic Attention Token (BAT)


This is another type of token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain + it can be used in the Brave browser only. This crypto has been around since 2015 and its developers offer various concepts of interaction for all network participants. Its token is very active and has a massive affiliate program. You might have the biggest luck (and you may make the biggest profit) in 2024 with this crypto, so rather wait it out just for a little while.

7. Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

Source: Decrypt

This is an interesting platform that is based on the ERC20 token. You will like it since it creates assets (Synths) that will track the value of your physical assets. Users and people can create their own Synths to make money. This token has been around since 2017 and its current price is $1,19. If you love some less popular options and you’re not too sure how to profit with Bitcoin, SNX may be just the one for you!

Time to make some money with your preferred cryptocurrency!

Ready to dive into the crypto world? A lot of people have given Bitcoin a chance at one point, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out if you’re not well equipped with your needed knowledge, as well as your pools and miners, or work colleagues. If you’re not too sure how to manage cryptocurrencies, visit our recommended site, or give another cryptocurrency a chance. Sometimes switching your preferred options and testing out something new can be beneficial and crucial if you wish to make it in this business, so give one of these top 7 options a go!