6 Tips For Selecting a Power Distribution Unit – 2024 Guide


The choice of power distribution is especially important to those who manage facilities and engineering staff. This kind of business requires an organization that strives for reliability and energy efficiency. We must not forget the IT experts and others. All of them need appropriate in-rack power solutions so that they do not have downtime and so that they can do their job without interruption. That is why it is important to choose the right PDU, and we will help you with that.

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1. Power requirements

This may seem obvious, but many simply ignore the fact that there is a wide range of requirements when selecting power distribution unit. That’s why it’s important to consider whether you need support to run critical apps, PDUs with three-phase inputs, single-input inputs, etc. You can choose different functions depending on your needs. Do not forget about all the factors that affect your final decision. Consider all the power challenges you face, different functions, organization requirements, vendor offers, models, categories, and similar things.

2. Goals

It is also important to define goals. Since every job is different, it is very important that you focus on reduced costs and saving physical space. To do this, choose products that will help you control energy consumption at different levels. Consider location, because in some locations PDUs can be more expensive.

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3. The solution

The PDU should be an appropriate power supply solution. So be sure to know what you want to achieve. For example, you may care about tracking the load of IT equipment to keep you informed of energy efficiency. Some of you want to have groups of output data, want to be instructed in the capacity and balancing load of IT equipment, etc.

4. Key questions

Based on all the important items, consider a few key issues. First of all, it is working time maintenance, design, real-time status, power monitoring, management and control. It is also important to consider network management, temperature and humidity, capacity, sensors, enterprise level and the like.

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5. Hardware questions

When we talk about the choice of questions, we also need to look at the hardware. Think about what maximum power you need, but also the voltage. Know that maximum strength can include less strength and growth. The rack can also be connected to different types of devices.

6. Using a PDU

Finally, you must be familiar with the use of PDUs. Know that it can be used in server rooms, data centers, remote telecommunications websites and many other places. These can be any places that need to turn the equipment on or off. They are also used in various industries such as government, military, educational and other environments. Consider all the forms that exist to choose the right one. They can have different connectors even though they are internally very similar. One of the best things about PDUs is that they can also be mounted on existing gear racks. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the installation site and similar things.

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You can find PDUs of different characteristics, power and cable combinations on the market. While it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the right PDU, there is a way to make a decision quickly. You just need to have accurate information about the equipment, your requirements, goals and strategy.