How Smart Lighting is Transforming the Carpentry Space


Modern residential design is presented by various novelties, among which minimalism prevails – a style that is characterized by a strict interior with the use of glass and metal. However, every person dreams of a home filled with comfort and warmth. The ideal material for this is wood.

Today, wooden houses are popular because they not only look very interesting but are also great for a family vacation. Besides, such houses help a person to rest from everyday noise, immersing their tired consciousness in the world of nature. Of course, the lighting is of great importance for this feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Smart lighting adds warmth to your wooden kitchen

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If you’ve ever done a kitchen makeover you know what such a large procedure looks like and how demanding its execution is. Do I need to paint the walls? Do I need to install new floors first? Would it be easier to hire workers? There are many questions and choices related to this job, but here are a few tricks that could make the process easier for you and slightly reduce confusion and ignorance.

Before embarking on renovating floors or installing new appliances in the kitchen, it is wise to install new lighting fixtures first.

The most effective way of lighting the kitchen consists of four well-combined layers: function, ambiance, accent, and decorative elements of lighting.

If you’re looking for premium lighting elements, you don’t have to look any further than which offers designer lighting fixtures that will leave you breathless. Chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling pendants… your kitchen will shine with a new glow. If you need advice on decorating, electrical installations, installation, or anything else related to the lighting of your kitchen, don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

A smart lighting plan can do wonders for any room

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The recipe for smart lighting is to combine four different types or layers of lighting in each room of your home.

The first layer is ambient lighting, indirect lighting that evenly illuminates the entire room. It includes natural light, pendants, and any form of ceiling lamps. The next step is to install the spotlight, ie. dedicated lighting that serves certain purposes and mostly as a reading light and lighting above the work surface in the kitchen. This is followed by emphasizing the architecture of the room with accent lightings, such as strip or rail or adjustable recessed lighting. The last layer of decoration consists of decorative lightings, such as chandeliers and lamps.

Whether you want to accentuate your beautiful fireplace, painting, or a new wooden door, the best way to do this is to use lighting accents to draw attention to the desired element. Try to incorporate this in a way that the light is directed upwards as this will create a milder and gentler effect than with light directed downwards.

If you have a ceiling with wooden beams or some other wooden elements, be sure to add wall sconces and hide the spotlights behind the furniture to create a warm glow that entices you to relax.

Installing dimmers is a good option because the dimmer saves energy and allows you to mitigate the overexposed space or in case you need the opposite, to increase the illuminating torque of the space. A big plus for buying dimmers is extending the life of your light bulbs and rarely replacing light bulbs in hard-to-reach places.

Don’t try to illuminate an entire wooden kitchen with one or two mega-strong lighting fixtures. It is a recipe for creating shadows and glitter. Instead, use a blend of ambient, accent, and dedicated lighting. Place smaller wattage bulbs in the luminaires. For example, with 100 watts of lighting under kitchen cabinets and 200 watts arranged on multiple wall lamps, you can put a 20-watt light bulb in each pendant and thus create an ambiance that is not excessive and too bright.

Warm and gentle natural light, better than any light bulb, is an ideal companion to a good lighting scheme. When changing windows, adding a skylight, or some similar change that will bring in more light, you need to insure yourself against too much light or overheated natural light. A window facing west may require covering or tinted glass to reduce the negative impact of the sun.

LED bulbs have a high color temperature index, so they work wonders in color and space. The bulbs provide perfect and inexpensive accent lighting. You may need a new light fixture to implement a light bulb like this into its proper base, but investing in a pair of LED wall lights can completely change the atmosphere of a wooden room, and always for the better.

It makes the bedroom much more than just a place for a nap

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Whether it’s a magnificent bedroom or a small sleeping nook, whether it’s on a yacht or in the attic, you want it to be your exclusive place to retreat and enjoy.

Designer lighting ranging from antique candlesticks to modern pendants helps you achieve the effect of a dream room, designed for relaxation. To successfully master this task without interfering with other activities, you need to pay attention to the following details. Write down the dimensions of the room – height, width, and length – because you do not want lighting that is not aligned. Lighting with a very long stand is not recommended as well, as it reduces the lighting space.

As for vanity, a wooden bedroom owner would prefer to choose a brightly lit place, but the bedroom is looking for a calm atmosphere that encourages sleep. From children’s rooms to rooms for the elderly population, everyone has individual needs related to light. Place the lamps in the right place to get the desired atmosphere. For example, the bedroom should have downward lighting but the light should by no means be directed towards the bed. Also, with today’s offer of portable lamps, lighting becomes a comfort that you can produce yourself with the help of flexible and adaptable lighting fixtures. It is especially good that you can choose the intensity of the light, usually of lower intensity.