SONY A7II and SONY A7 – Difference


If you used a lot of different cameras, then you probably know which features you will need the most. Sony devices are a great option if you want to buy a camera. However, we decided to do research and to find out the difference between Sony Alpha 7 and Sony Alpha 7II. Also, we considered different characteristics and aspects, and based on that; we compared two devices.

Read the article below, and you will find out the difference between these two amazing devices. We hope that our comparison will help you.


When it comes to ergonomics, there are various distinct. First of all, the wheel on the a7ii is less small to on the a7 is better. The newer device has a C3 button instead of the C2. The difference between the body stiffer is not significant even though on the a7ii model, some part is from polycarbonate. It’sIt’s essential to mention that the shutter release is much better in a7ii. Also, the improvement of the grip is noticeable.

However, if you want to travel a lot, the better solution for you is a7 because it has a smaller weight.


Sensor Reflections

The sensor reflection of the a7 device is one of the most significant issues. That’s why the great news is that on the a7ii, this problem is resolved, so in this aspect, our choice is the newer device.

Image Stabilizer

In this characteristic, we found the most significant difference between these two models. Our choice is a7ii, as it has a lot better stabilizer. If you take a lot of pictures in the twilight, the stabilizer will provide better images. Also, the stabilizer makes the focusing easy. Not only the focusing is simple, but the usage of the whole device is easy. We have to remind you not to forget to change the focal length after changing lenses.

Image Quality

In the aspect, we couldn’t find any differences, because both devices will give impressive picture quality.

Source: cinema5D

Auto Focus

If you are a person who likes to use Auto Focus instead of the manual, then this aspect will be useful for you. Even though the a7 model is not the best option when it comes to autofocus, we have to give advantage to the a7ii model. In the light places, the Auto Focus will provide amazing photos, but when it comes to the dark spots, the focus gets slower. We can conclude in this aspect that Auto Focus can be useful, and we give advantage to the a7ii.


After the usage of a7 model, the mount can get looser, which can affect your images. However, in the model a7ii, this is not improved, but until now, there were no issues with this topic. That’sThat’s why we have to choose the a7ii device.

If you want to fix the issues regarding this topic, then you can consider buying the mount, and you will avoid it.


When you take a look at the cameras, you will not find a lot of distinct. Also, you will get used to it on the usage of a7ii quickly, because the difference is not noticeable. There is no variation regarding the menu and the customization. Only one button is different, which can be useful when it comes to manual lenses.

It’sIt’s essential to mention that a7 is shiny and the a7ii is matte.

Source: SLR Lounge

Video Quality

Both cameras have low quality when it comes to videos. Even though their main goal is to take photos, we can consider this as a downside. However, the a7ii is a better option in this area as it can use the XAVC SS codec. Also, the log profile that a7ii offers is a great feature.

Other Characteristics

We have to mention that raw compression that both devices offer is a useful option.


As you could notice from the text above, both models has some important features. However, the difference in the price is significant, as the a7ii costs $500 more.

Before you decide which will be the best option, you will have to think about what features you will use the most. In both cameras, you will get a similar image quality, so if this is the main thing for you, then maybe you can consider a7.


However, if you will use a lot of different options, then your choice should be a7ii.