6 Tech Trends in the Financial Market


“The rapid development of FinTech has changed our lives as consumers, business people and investors.”

– Bill Gates

Technology has been grasping every nook and cranny of the society that are major contributors of reshaping and revamping the existing business and financial marketplace. There are major sectors that are being greatly affected by technological advancement. One of the top trends in technology right now is big data, which refers to datasets that are so large or complex they cannot be processed by a computer using traditional database management tools. *  There’s never been more information about our lives available to us than there is today – how it impacts society, culture and business will become clearer over time.

With the introduction of machine learning, block chain, natural language processing and many more, the era of change has come at the doorstep. They have been the pioneers of adapting technology. The world is all about technology and finance and the agglomeration of both can actually do wonders. So, without further delay, let us start focusing on the trends that have been predominantly seen in the financial market in recent times.

1. Blockchain

Source: InfoQ.com

Cryptocurrency, a term everyone is extremely familiar with. Blockchain is a technology that has made the concept of cryptocurrency possible. There has been huge volatility in the prices in the recent years which have made people think out of the box. Blockchain makes the data immutable which helps to maintain the authentic data and has enhanced the entire security set up of the finance sector.

Blockchain stores blocks of information with each block containing its own timestamp and link to the previous block. This system prevents tampering by ensuring all participants have access to an identical record – removing third-party verification from transactions .  The main advantage of this technology is that it removes middlemen from transactions because cryptocurrencies operate without intermediaries like banks or payment services providers (PSPs). Thus one cannot cheat on another via altering their balances since they are stored on different computers connected through a network.

It has dissolved the issue which arises due to lack of transparency in the system. There is a concept of keying: public and private which can be shared between the stakeholders involved in the transaction. Introduction of Blockchain in the financial market has enhanced the overall structure of the sector.

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2. NLP or Natural Language Processing

Source: Forbes.com

Natural Language Processing is one of the major trends in the Finance market where Artificial Intelligence has found its way in. AI can be utilised to extract the actual meaning from any written or spoken document available. It is a technology that enables computers to understand, and analyze human speech. In the financial sector this means being able to identify patterns of people who are likely to be fraudulent .

Because if you can’t read your customer then how on earth do you know what they want? From understanding verbal language, we can also pick up emotions in the voice as well as infer meaning from words used without context. All these things are essential for making good decisions about customers which could prevent fraud occurring.

Additionally, they help to redefine the content of any mail, social media post, word files, pdf files and many more. A prolific quantity of unorganized unlabeled data can be utilised from the web to figure out the meaning. Have you seen chatbots in recent times? They actually utilise this concept to answer your basic queries by analysing what you want to convey. Legal scannings also utilise this NLP to enhance security and detect frauds in the finance market.

3. Machine Learning and Predictions

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Machine Learning is another very predominant concept in financial sectors. Machine Learning, a subset of AI, is the science behind new technologies such as self-driving cars and virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri.  A lot can be achieved with Machine Learning algorithms. The applications are limitless – from making better investments to detecting fraud in financial transactions! AI combines software programs that learn over time with sensors and other data sources to automate decision-making processes .

You utilise this machine learning technique to actually predict the upcoming situations with progressive accuracy. They utilise the huge amount of data that gets stored to figure out a trend by themselves. Analysing each and every is done in order to provide accurate results. You can think about the stock markets and these predictions can actually help you invest wisely. Introduction of Big Data has allowed you to get enormous quantities of data for exact prediction.

4. Online Banking

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Think about Online Banking. The introduction of online banking has actually brought the bank to your doorsteps. Any transactions between two banks or any payments can be made easily from the comfort of your home with enhanced security and excellence. You have the capability to access most of the services provided by the bank through your mobile or PC.

5. Fraud Detection

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Fraud detection has been one of the major technological advancements in the Financial market where they can figure out malicious transactions and can block them. It has taken a step to restrict criminal activities across banking structures.

It is all about detecting frauds more efficiently and effectively. Here we are talking about cases of bank customers who have been using their debit card for transactions but withdrawing money as well without informing the bank so that they can get a cash-back bonus when they make purchases with their cards. Banks use machine learning algorithms to detect these anomalies in order to prevent such fraudulent activities from happening.

6. Newer and Smarter Ways of Managing Money

Source: Modernman.com

The traditional way to manage money has shifted into a new era where people are making decisions based on their preferences and what they understand as best for them, rather than just following guidelines provided by banks or other institutions. Financial service providers have been at the forefront in adopting newer technologies due to continuous changes that need adaptation. Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) etc., keep transforming day-to-day lives. These innovations can help the industry stay competitive and accelerate growth by taking better-informed decisions.

Clearly, technology is changing the way that we live and do business. There are many trends in the finance market, new technologies such as chatbots have created a whole new virtual customer service industry for financial services firms to explore while cybersecurity has led to an increased demand for security against cybercrime. The world of financing will never be the same again!

With the overwhelming changes and trends flourishing in the Financial market, it is likely to grow as a secure, reliable and safe platform and accessing it at the comfort of your home would be more reliable.