5 Tips & Tricks for Cutting Your UI Development Time – 2024 Guide

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Being a UI developer is an amazing thing in today’s world. If you possess the necessary skills and knowledge, then you perfectly know that you will surely ensure your financial stability. More and more companies are becoming aware of the UI’s importance and its ability to boost their performances. However, are the tasks you need to handle easy? Not at all, and you need to continuously work hard to improve your skills to become an expert.

Some tasks are going to be quite time-consuming which can be a problem, especially for beginners. You will need to learn how to remain motivated when the tough moments come. Unfortunately, many UI developers struggle to achieve this goal. That is the reason why we decided to share a couple of tips and tricks for cutting your UI development time. We are pretty sure many of you will consider them valuable. Let’s go!

1. Use Free Templates

Source: 85ideas.com

“Time is money” is probably one of the quotes that you have heard many times so far, right? Well, the good news for you is that there are many good people out there that are aware of this. The even better news is that they are ready to help you reduce your development time for free.

Believe it or not, there are free react.js admin templates online that everyone with a stable wi-fi connection can use. These templates allow people to develop simple and customizable React.js UI components which will significantly reduce the UI development time. You will have a wide range of beautiful and modern react.js-based applications in front of you. All you have to do is to be clever and choose the template that will truly boost the effectiveness of your business or boost sales of the client that hired you.

If this seems like a legit tool, you can check out https://coreui.io/react/ after reading this article and check out which options are available for you. We are pretty sure that you will like what you see.

2. Organize Your Time Properly

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This may be some sort of cliche, but it is good to mention that you need to organize your time properly as well. The question is – how a UI developer can do such a thing?

Your job requires a high level of creativity. Because of that, you must do your job with a clear mind. Give up on the project you are facing whenever you start feeling nervous. Your to-do list needs to have enough space for work and proper mini-breaks and “big breaks”. Because of that, sit down before you even start working and try to develop a plan that is going to boost your effectiveness and reduce development time. Think of the things you could do that can simplify the entire project. When you determine these valuable pieces of information, everything is going to be just fine.

3. You Must Know Project’s Colors before Everything

Source: 99designs.com

Even if you are a professional UI designer, we are pretty sure you do not know the exact number of color combinations that exist. That is the reason why defining all the shades of colors before even you start working on the project is an essential thing. Do not limit yourself to three colors such as white, black, and red as you probably won’t satisfy the needs of either clients or customers.

Setting the shade for each color that exists in your project is a mandatory thing. Because of that, set them in advance! Do not overdo it; it is going to be enough to prepare maximally 10 shades. Everything above that is only going to make complete chaos that will only make you start with the project one again. Can you imagine how time-consuming that can be?

4. Prepare the Shadows

Source: wendyzhou.se

If you have already worked on some UI projects, then you definitely know how annoying and time-consuming the shadows can be. More precisely, setting the correct distance between the y-axis and x-axis is something that can take you hours or even days (depending on your experience). Despite that, you also need to work on transparency as well as blur radius.

The best way to speed up the entire procedure is to prepare the shadows before you even start working on the design. You can use the same method of preparation as for the colors. Prepare a set of them that you can use throughout the entire process. This can be an excellent way to reduce the UI development time.

5. What about Types, Sizes, and the States of Elements

Source: uxplanet.org

Working with a huge number of buttons, icons, and other elements is the job of a UI designer. A wide range of options and ideas is something that makes this job even more interesting. However, it can also make the entire project more confusing which will negatively influence the development time of UI. That is the reason why we want to provide you with the same piece of advice for the third time – prepare all the elements that matter before you even start with the design procedure!

To make things clear, we will use buttons (they are usually the most time-consuming) as an example. The project you are working on will need to have a couple of buttons that will boost the quality of UI. Primarily, there has to be a button with a primary action. After that, you also need to add buttons with the secondary action as well as a button that will control some other less important actions. Each button needs to have different features. For instance, you will have to determine its status as well as the color variants.

As mentioned, the organization of time is mandatory for your job. You need to determine the main priorities of the UI development project and figure out which ones you need to complete first. Besides, you can always try to reduce the number of elements and cut the UI development time that way. However, you can use this method only if you are working on your own project. All the clients will have specific requirements, so this won’t be possible in those cases.

Final Thought

Applying the pieces of advice mentioned in this article is going to help you cut the UI development time. All you have to do is to organize your time properly and determine the main priorities. If you want a super speed solution, then using the templates mentioned in this article is the right choice.