What Is A Box Build & How Does It Affect Your Business?


Whether it’s to cut costs, increase efficiency or offer the best possible product, there are lots of reasons that businesses are looking to streamline their operations this year.

With this in mind, lots more companies are starting to turn to box build solutions and those who provide these services.

But what exactly is a box build and how does using these affect your business?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. Check out our guide below for more information on box builds and whether these are the right solution for your business.

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What is a box build?

A box build involves the assembly of a printed circuit board (PCB) and the ‘box’ (or casing) that the product is packaged in. This is sometimes also referred to as systems integration because manufacturers will try to bring in as many parts of the system as they possibly can during the assembly stage.

Some of the key components that may go into a box build depending on the nature of the product include:

  • Connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Batteries
  • Heat sink attachments
  • Brackets or standoffs
  • Attachments to the box, such as fans

What’s more, box build assembly includes everything from the design of the enclosure to the installation of the PCB, right through to the construction of the casing. Lots of businesses will outsource this process to service providers for a number of reasons, these include efficiency and cutting costs.

Custom boxes for high quality and precision

While ‘off the shelf’ box builds can be just as effective depending on the nature of your products, if they are even slightly too big or small or the wrong shape this could mean you have to sacrifice functionality and it could impact your quality, margins and profits.

However, if you have custom-built boxes made for your business, they can be tailored to your exact requirements and can also be made compatible with your existing systems. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or functionality.

Which you choose will completely depend on your business, products, budget and needs, but it’s worth considering custom box builds if these are more effective.

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How can box build impact your business?

Box builds have a number of positive implications for manufacturers and businesses who use these services. If you’re considering box build solutions but you’re not sure how these will affect your business, here are just a couple of the key benefits.

They improve quality assurance and help to strengthen your reputation

If you’re mass-producing items, no matter what they may be, you could end up compromising on materials, measurements, etc., leading to a lower-quality product. However, if you get custom-made or just good quality (and well-fitted) box builds, you can better assure the quality of your products.

This helps to ensure the longevity and overall performance of your goods, something which is important for building your reputation as a business. After all, you want your customers or clients to be satisfied every time they buy from you or you provide them with a service.

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They offer better value for money and help you stay competitive

Finally, too often, wanting quality goods means you have to be prepared to pay more. However, box builds, especially custom-made ones are changing this, offering much better value for money.

As these components offer better quality assurance and last longer, the prices can reflect this. Which in turn can mean better value for money and an increase in your profit margins. This is crucial if you want to charge competitive prices, and once again, strengthen your reputation as a positive and affordable brand.

Building your products to your specifications is crucial and box builds allow you to do this. They ensure that all your components are neatly within the enclosure as they should be, no matter the product. This also helps to make your products more aesthetically pleasing to consumers.

Of course, these are just a couple of the key benefits of choosing box builds for your business and if you look on a more individual level it’s likely you’ll find several more. These can be great for organisations that want to increase efficiency, ensure quality and cut costs. So, if this sounds like your business, it might be time you considered box builds.