What is Deathmatch in Valorant and How to Play it?


Valorant is one of the most popular and most exciting game since it was released in June 2024. It has a variety of game modes and really interesting agents with unbelievable abilities.  Deathmatch is a game mode that players have been waiting for seemingly since the game came out. Now that it has finally arrived, many players wonder what it is like and how to play it. Here’s how to play this FFA deathmatch mode and how to win it.

The Basics of Valorant Deathmatch

Valorant deathmatch is similar to other game’s free-for-all modes, with the goal being to be the first player to reach 30 kills. The game starts by assigning you a random agent to play as and gives you heavy armor then will be able to purchase a gun of your choosing. In this ten player FFA deathmatch, the minimap will periodically reveal enemies, and dead enemies will drop a health kit that will restore your HP and reload your weapon automatically.

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How to Play

This game mode leaves you all on your own, unlike the other Valorant modes, making this more competitive. You won’t choose your agent, so you may struggle at first if you have a strong main going into this. The three main challenges of Valorant deathmatch are selecting the right gun, getting kills, and surviving. While these three challenges nothing new to Valorant players, there is a hidden challenge that players may not be prepared for. This challenge is something every FFA deathmatch has, and that is time. Not only are matches only 6 minutes, but they end once a player achieves 30 kills. So not only do you have to get 30 kills to win, you have to do it before anyone else or have the most when the time ends. This new gameplay aspect may be new to some Valorant players and makes this game mode more interesting.

How to Win

Now we know that time is a significant factor or Valorant deathmatch, but how do you win? By getting your kills as fast as possible. The best way to do this is by going for headshots, which Valorant emphasizes. You want to start by choosing a high damage weapon you are comfortable with and, as Thor says, go for the head. Hitting your shots will rack up the kills and put you on your way to the number one spot, but you need to remember avoiding deaths is still important. While it’s not as important as other game modes, with only nine rival players, there’s a good chance the person you just killed you is gaining on your lead. Besides, your body will also drop a useful health kit for them to use. But, if you are a skilled player who goes for headshots and avoids unnecessary deaths, you should be able to get plenty of Valorant deathmatch wins.

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How to Lose

One of the best ways to know how to do something is to understand how not to do it, so here are some things you want to avoid doing if you want to be successful in not just this game but any FFA deathmatch. Firstly, do not play passively. You can go the entire game without getting hit, but if another player beats you to 30 kills, you still lose. So you’re going to want to avoid camping or holding back from firefights. The next thing you want to avoid is the complete opposite: playing recklessly. You can go for kills, but even if you can get 30 kills in 2 minutes, if you died 40 times and gave another player an easy win, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to want to stay confident in your gunfights and avoid these mistakes.

The Best Guns To Use

To fit the winning playstyle of getting quick kills with high damage headshots warrants, you have a gun with high accuracy and damage. The guns that fit this role the best are the Vandal, Phantom, and Operator, although my advice is to use whichever gun you are most comfortable with. Because you will need to be insanely accurate and run into many different gunfight situations, the best gun is the gun you know the best. However, if you only use lower damage or less accurate weapons, you should get used to at least one of the mentioned guns. The Vandal is the best mix of damage and accuracy, but any weapon that feels right is the best gun.

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How it Compares to Other FFA Deathmatches

Valorant’s FFA Deathmatch mode is very similar to the FFA modes in Call of Duty, GTA, Halo, and many other first-person-shooter action games. It has the typical characteristics of a time limit, kill limit, and solo play emphasis. One of its biggest unique features that set it apart is the health kit that dead enemies drop. You can use these to your advantage but not only picking them up from the enemies you kill but taking them from other player’s kills. This can be an effective tactic and adds a whole new level of playstyle and necessary skill for Valorant deathmatch games.


In conclusion, Valorant deathmatch follows the same formula as any other FFA deathmatch but has its unique features and gameplay methods that define its own definitive identity. It differs in playstyle from other Valorant modes slightly but still has the main characteristics of getting kills and surviving. You want to use significant damage and accurate weapons like the Vandal, Operator, and Phantom, but using the gun you have the most practice with is the best option. You win by getting kills quickly while staying out of other’s gunfire and keeping a level head. You want to avoid being too passive or too aggressive and maintain a confident and effective playstyle. For more information on Valorant and other video games, visit boosting-ground.com. They are a proven within the years company that can give you many useful advices and can help you as well with your playing strategy.