What You Need To Know About Investing In Technology Sector


The technology sector includes stock in association with research, development, and distribution of technology. The term technology consists of both hardware and software.

The tech sector gives out high returns; however, investment in stocks is never without risk because of the rapid evolution of technology. The top contenders soon become obsolete as the latest technology takes over.

There is no need for demotivation as the tech sector is full of promising innovations. Artificial intelligence and the internet of things are examples of promising technology for investors.

Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the top tech stocks. However, instead of deciding blindly, invest in companies that you understand the best.

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Returns Vary

The next big thing becomes old news rapidly in the tech industry. For this reason, stock values fluctuate.

Returns were the highest in 2009 and 2017. However, it does not do so well in other years, regardless of promising expectations.

An excellent example of technology becoming obsolete is 3D television. It was big news back in the day, but better technology made 3D tv undesirable.

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Options Within The Tech Industry for Investment

The tech sector is very diverse, so it might be hard to pick the right area. Here are the options you have for making investments:

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI attempts to replicate cognitive function to perform simple to complex tasks. Artificial Intelligence can learn your preference through regular updates.

Alexa is an excellent example of AI that makes life easier. As impressive as it is, AI has more to achieve in the future.

  • Smartphones

Smartphones are small, portable devices that can do anything that a computer can. Apple and Samsung are notable manufacturers of powerful smartphones.

  • BlockChain

Blockchain technology enables alternative currency like bitcoin. It is truly the way of the future as the new form of money is unchanging and transparent.

  • Self Driving Technology

Tesla is an example of companies dabbling in driverless vehicles. Although it is not legal in most places, it’s going to be significant in the future.

  • Software and Computer Makers

Companies like Intel and Apple make processors and operating systems. Computers would not run without such technology.

  • Internet

Google, MSN, and Yahoo are old school companies that are still in the game and doing well. They make a lot of money from advertising exposure to internet users. Some of these companies also offer monetization that will lead to user income.

  • The Internet of Things

IoT, or the internet of things, connects devices so they can work together. For example, all appliances in the house can trigger one another as necessary, meaning that automation beyond what we have seen so far will be possible.

  • Streaming Services

Netflix is very popular for the quality content that it provides. Stream media can help artists, as seen on YouTube and Spotify, making streaming services very popular.

  • Device Manufacturers

Fitbit, Roku, and Gopro create technology-driven devices that update frequently. As a result, the flow of profit renews every few years or less.

  • Cloud Storage

Cloud allows the storage of information for devices all around the world. Google is a major cloud player.

  • Chip Manufacturers

Intel comes to mind as they make processor chips with a global market. Chipmakers make a lot of money by selling their products to manufacturers of technological devices.

  • Cyber Security

Plato Alto Networks is an example of cybersecurity. It ensures secure access to information.


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ETF is a fund that places your money in many stocks. However, you sell it like an individual stock.

Guggenheim S&P Equal Weight Technology and iShares Exponential Technology are ETFs that did well in the past.

Types of Tech Companies

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Two primary forms of tech companies exist. They are up and coming companies and veteran companies.

Veteran companies have products and services that they can rely on while seeking out innovations. Microsoft is an excellent example of a mature tech company.

On the other hand, up and coming tech companies propel using potential, not profit. Tesla is an excellent example of a promising newcomer. Investing in an up and coming company may pay off big time, but the risk is significant.

People Who Should Invest in The Tech Sector

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New and old investors have an opportunity to make money in the technology sector. The key to investing in the technology industry is information.

If you use and understand a tech brand that you think will be essential in the future, invest away. Know the product, the market, and the industry.

The technology industry has something for all sorts of investors. Both growth and income investors can earn a lot from this sector.

The value of tech firms fluctuates over time. Facebook and Roku saw a massive increase in stock value, while other tech firms did not.

How to Pick The Right Stock

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There is no alternative to studying because, without information, luck runs out eventually. There are a few things you need to learn well to make the best decision.

Observation and valuation of the potential market is the first step. Next, look into the future earning projection. After that, go through the earning growth rate.

With a sound understanding of the company, the market, the industry, and the economy, you are ready to invest.

The Top Technology Stock

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  • Apple

Mac computers and iPhones are prevalent all over the world. They update their products regularly, ensuring the renewal of profit flows.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is famous for Windows. However, they will soon get into the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

  • IBM

IBM’s transformation over the years is phenomenal. They were a former champ in home computing, but now they are moving towards artificial intelligence.

  • Intel and AMD

Both of these companies make chips and computer components. There is a high demand for their products by gamers and heavy-duty program users.

  • Tesla

Tesla is a car company that now provides solar power solutions. They may come up with the car of the future for eco-friendly consumers.

  • Roku

Roku is a small company that makes streaming players. Though the competition consists of powerhouses, Roku is doing well.

  • Netflix

Netflix has an excellent streaming platform that customers pay for entertainment. It is growing locally and globally because of the quality content that they make available.

  • Amazon

Amazon is an online retailer responsible for Alexa, the notorious artificial intelligence product we all know.

Final Thoughts

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The technology sector stock value fluctuates. Consumers give up technology as soon as newer innovations appear in the market.

Up and coming brands may enjoy massive increases in stock value, but their risk factor is high. On the other hand, veteran companies can rely on old products and services to finance innovation. The investment is less risky on paper. However, unsuccessful new product launches or stiffer competition results in uncertainty.

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM/AMD, Roku, and Tesla are among the top tech stocks. However, when it comes to investing, you should put your money into companies that you understand.