6 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips for Business in 2024 


Instagram is one of the top social media sites. According to recent studies, more than 500 million account stories are used each day. This means that businesses that use Instagram to advertise have the potential of being viewed by 500 million people a day.

Some new business owners do not know how to use the Instagram site to promote their products and brand effectively. That is why social media strategy services are offered by companies like Adfully.com.

Strategist knows that 84% of the people who follow a company on a social media site are more likely to make purchases from that company. When people follow you on a social media site they begin to feel like you are their friend, and they develop a relationship of trust in you. This perceived relationship of friendship creates a loyal customer base.

1. Use Instagram Statistics to create a Powerful presence

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To be effective with an Instagram strategy you must have a powerful presence on the website. That means you must create a profile page that is intriguing, informative, and interesting. Instagram stories are seen by many potential customers each day but only the interesting stories are shared and reposted.

You increase your presence when the story you have posted is shared by the readers. Each of their readers has a chance to share the story and that continues. You may have 200 followers, who read your story, and they may each have 200 followers that read and share your story, and before long you have reached upwards of a million people.

In order to know what your followers want to see you can use Instagram statistics to customize your stories and presence. Age statistics reflect that the users of Instagram are younger than the average Facebook user. You need to make sure your Instagram stories primarily appeal to people between the ages of 18 and 34.

The geographical location puts the most users of this social media platform in the United States, but there are also a vast number of users from India, Brazil, Indonesia, and the rest of the world. You need to use what you know about the people of these locations to appeal to them and make them want to buy your products.

2. Take a Stand on Social Issues

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More and more brands are speaking out and taking a stand on the social issues of the day. This can be a very risky thing to do because your stance may alienate everyone who feels a different way.

To take a stand you need to pick a social issue that is a concern to a large group of people like animal cruelty, Black Lives Matter, and Food Share or helping the needy. You need to take a stance that will let you be seen as compassionate, understanding, and willing to help make the world a better place.

You must never criticize the people who believe differently from your stance. You must be supportive and encouraging without being preachy. This is best done with professional writers who can soft talk your stance so people see you as engaged without seeing you as threatening or condescending.

3. Be Part of the Shopping Feature

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Instagram has recently added a shopping feature where its users can shop for things advertised on their website and buy those things without having to go to another payment site. People trust the Instagram media site and they feel more confident spending money on the site than they do spending money on a third party site.

You need to utilize this shopping feature and make sure people can purchase your items directly from the site.

4. Posting Time is Critical

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Posting on the site is how people see news about you and how they see your name often. You need to be posting at regular intervals. You also need to research the statistics that tell you when the post is most likely to be seen by the people in your target audience.

When you post and how often you post are as important as what you post. Do your research thoroughly so you can be certain to be reaching your target audience at peak hours on peak days.

Your posts should also be visually engaging. You want to post useful content but your content must be intriguing or interesting or people will not follow you and will not share your post.

5. Create Discounts and Instagram Only Offers

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You want people to read your posts but your main objective is to drive traffic to your website and sell your product or services. One way to do this is to create discounts or promotional offers that only Instagram users can take advantage of.

When you do this your Instagram followers will go to your webpage because everyone likes discounts and free stuff. If you make it a requirement of the offer that they share your website information then you can be sure that many people will share your offer with their followers.

Soon you will have a huge number of new people seeing your page, and possibly starting to follow you on Instagram. The more followers you have the bigger opportunity you have to be a huge success with your business strategy.

6. Do Not Let Yourself become Stale

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A big mistake that many business owners make is starting an Instagram campaign, then growing in numbers of followers and sales, and starting to pay less attention to their page. When they begin to get lazy about posting schedules, content, and they quit going to their follower’s pages and engaging in their stories and thoughts then their content becomes stale and people lose interest in them.

People are fickle and what is trending today will possibly be forgotten in just two short weeks. If you are going to be a success with your Instagram marketing you have to stay in the eye of the people, and not let small success go to your head.

Engage your followers and stay true to who you say you are. That will make customers out of followers.