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The Sims OST Soundtrack
Sound Track Review
For most gamers out there, they have either heard of The Sims or played the game, for those who have not played it or heard of it, I will give you a brief synopsis. The Sims is a computer videogame simulation of life in which the player controls almost every aspect of a created human avatar.
All though many have played the game, it is pretty safe to assume that not many have actually listened to the game. Now you might be thinking what the heck does, he mean by “listen to the game”; what I am talking about is actually listening to the soundtracks without the game play disrupting your ability to hear the soundtracks that the game designers so carefully picked out, so that they could appeal different demographics.
I write this review to draw your attention to a downloadable file, which contains a lot of the soundtracks that you would hear in The Sims; here is the link if you wish to download it now, http://theisozone.com/downloads/misc/ost/the-sims-ost/. Just to inform you as potential downloaders, the song titles are extremely oddly named. I would suggest renaming them to your pleasing after downloading. For review purposes I am going to break down the soundtrack into several groups; piano-based, Rock, Country, unclassifiable and Latin.
Listing to the soundtrack, I have found this piano-based category can be future divided up into a relaxing feel and romantic, festive feel. I have placed BBMAJ, CMAJ, EBMAJ, FMAJ, and, GMAJ. Although I believe that GMAJ should be considered the outlier in this group because it, GMAJ has a tempo that fluctuates more than the others, it still, in my opinion, gives a romantic, festive feel. The other piano-based songs; 01-build1, 02-build2, 03-build3, 04-build4, and 05-build5, I have placed in this subfield because they all are slower in tempo and have more tones that I found soothing and relaxing.
I did not categorize the rock myself; all of these songs have rock their title, but I did create three subfields for this grouping. The first being space rock, which only Rock1 falls into. This may sound like a crazy genre but it was the only way I could describe the futuristic science sound. Rock2 and rock3, I placed into their own category, because of their unique disco-grovy rock musical tone. Lastly I placed Rock4 and Rock5 into a separate group because they are the only ones that I would have considered rock.
In the country category, I placed Beaumont, Devilsdr, Downyon, SallyGoo, Splatter, and Turkey. Within this group I placed Beaumont into its own group because it was more of a light country where as the others were faster and more up lifting. I placed Devilsdr in separate category also because it was the only song in this group that words. In another subfield; upbeat, danceable, and festive country, I placed Downyon and SallyGoo. Lastly I placed Splatter and Turkey into another subfield because they were more like Bluegrass Country music.
A couple of the songs were unclassifiable, so I placed them in their own category. I found it hard to classify the songs; 22-NHOOD1, 23-NHOOD2, 24-NHOOD3, 25-LOADLOOP, 07-buy1, 08-buy2, 09-buy3 and 10-buy4, because they had their own unique style and use of crazy tones. Personally I find them a little too flowery, or over exemplified as a happy tone, especially 07-buy1.
The last category of this soundtrack is the Latin music; like the Rock the songs had the name “Latin” in there title. 11-Latin1, 12-Latin2, 14-Latin4, 15-Latin5, 16-Latin2, 17-Latin4, 18-Latin6, 19-Latin7, 20-Latin6, and 21-Latin7 fit into one category because they have a romantic Latin appeal to them, whereas 13-Latin3 stands alone because it sounds like a traffic cop listing to Latin music and attempting to stay in tune with his traffic whistle.
In conclusion the soundtrack for The Sims was solely created to appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Appealing to a wide range of music lovers was a tactical marketing strategy for the game developers; had they appealed only to Latin music lovers by having only Latin music then gamers who perfered Rock might not play the game for the sole purpose of dislike towards the soundtrack. This is why the soundtrack has a wide range of genres.
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Anonymous 6 years ago
Simlish for the win!!
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